Path finding issues

I have an issue where no passengers move till the min the flight is ament ot leave then they check in etc.
When they arrive by bus or subway they just stand there and i get 100 notifications saying no path make sure they are not in diffrent zones…
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
This didnt happen when i played the game about 1 month ago. Diffrent save.

Could you please tell a bit more about the version you run and on which branch, default or experimental? Did yo use a recent or old save game? The title states ‘path finding mac’, that suggests that you run the game on a Mac, is that correct? Or is it a typo? :slight_smile:
Could you also please share one or more screenshots of your airport with zones enabled?

I created the game when the 1 year anniversary came. It is runningt he latest expreimental and i have played it on both mac and windows.

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Thanks for the screenshots, they do not really show any direct issues that can cause the messages. If you click one of the messages what does the message state and are they resolved over time?

Edit: Could you also please share a screenshot of your stand(s), do you have remote stands as well?

P.S. I have changed the topic title to ‘path finding issues’, so it suits the topic better.

No remote stands i loaded up a save from like alpha 15 and added soe remote stands abserloutly fine odd?

That’s indeed odd… Have you tried placing benches in the terminal? I’ve also done some testing on one of my own airports and PAX just move and I do not get the messages.

As there doesn’t seem to be a direct issue causing this, you maybe want to file it as a bug.

Are those people trying to get to the toilet area there? your right side toilet has a sink in the doorway.

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After “a wall in a door” bug, I like this new one :smiley:

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There can occur very strange problems with very old saves.

I spent hours with trying to ‘reactivate’ this airport 48 med stands - My FRA version in action (FPS-killer!) - download and ended up with devs telling me its probably not possible as too many things have changed…

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