Will this work?

Hello All!
I am wondering if this will work?
I want the baggage to be scanned, and if it fails, it will come out the red, and onto the lower horizontal belt, where it will travel to the baggage destroyer.

It would work, but the rejects from tier 2 scanner I would feed into the manual scanner. If they pass tier 2 scanners why would you then manual scan them?

EDIT: Baggage scanner - #3 by Rubble This shows the order they should proceed through. Not my creation alas but a good example.


Sorry, I only started playing yesterday. Thanks for the heads up though.


No worries and welcome. We all started somewhere :slight_smile:

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Rubble is correct! Will it work? Yes! Is it correct? No!

As Rubble said this is a correct setup, and in Alpha 34 the rating system takes this into account and grades you on how bags are routed which is needed to be done correctly in order to maintain a high security rating.


That’s a nice setup :open_mouth: I wonder something that; adding another tier 3 scanner after cleared baggages of tier 1 scanner would have any effects with Alpha 34. I mean tier 1 scanner can missed an inappropriate baggage and tier 3 scanner after tier 1 scanner would catch it?

This is how I’ve done mine, does anyone know what he used those tilt trays for? surely the only place baggage needs to go if it passes security is baggage bay?

Tilt Trays are for directing where a baggage should go.

As you can see I have several check in desks feeding individual tier 1 scanners that feed a common secondary set of scanner on a common belt…

EDIT: It could also be a lot more efficient and cheaper to run, but this is a sandbox game for testing plane liveries in reality.
These then go down a level and through the checkers…

The tilt trays ensure they go back up to the correct input belt. It’s also setup to provide more cargo bays as required when I’m back to building the airport.

Hope that is clear? I know I’m missing manual security at this point. So rather than all merging at the end they will go to about four different bays for increased throughput and capacity.

It may work, yes, but you are exposed on the following premises:

  1. If you scan a bag in a tier III scanner that’s cleared in a tier I scanner, your security rating will drop.
  2. The more thorough your scans are, the more accurate the readouts is. So if you immediately scan a tier I bag in a tier III scanner it’s missed the tier II steps meaning that there’s a higher chance for a false positive. This is of course only relevant for bags that are actually containing dangerous content, if you route a clean bag through a tier III scanner with an idiot operator they might on their own case a result of a false positive read out and destroy the bag, lol.

Both these systems are in place to void you of trying to game the system like you mentioned! :stuck_out_tongue:



Could this be prevented by having two tier III scanners?

It could but it could also make it worse. Of course, you can have tier III scanners in parallel but if you have idiots manning them they can either let dangerous baggage through or flag safe bags. It’s a very versatile and generic system that doesn’t immediately punishes you, i.e. it will work if you construct it “incorrect”, but you’ll never get the proper rating and may get slapped with heavy fines…

Again, note that this is in Alpha 34 and not in Alpha 33.

Well, I don’t really mind about the fines and the security rating. I like to use sandbox when I play these types of games.

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So, if I wanted to be able to use this airport in 34, how would you recommend we use a security setup?

So as you build your airport in A34, do you need to set up your Baggage security scanning with all tiers initially or can you start with Tier 1 with a new airport and as you make money add each tier? Or will your rating be so bad that you should start with all tiers initially?

Your tier specific ratings will neither improve or decline unless you have those tiers installed, which means that if you want to have a full security score you will need to research those tiers. However, you will (or should not at least, we will need to do a lot of balancing once we go live on experimental) not be punished too harsh if those tiers are not researched.


awesome. so just to be clear.

Any baggage that is passed as good by any tier should not go through any other tier and continue to the Baggage bays?

Any baggage that has failed should go to the next tier scanner and then either pass and go to baggage bay or fail and go to next their

Only baggage that has failed all 3 tiers should go to the destroyer.

as in this system


Also what about scanning arriving baggage in A34? is this included in the rating if you do or do not scan arriving baggage?

This is the setup i’m currently using. still experiencing some dangerous goods that manage to slip through…

This is the new layout that is shown in the fresh A34 Tutorial. It seems different than our systems, and also less logical, or is it just me?

That looks quite incorrect to me. I always thought manual scan was the last option?

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Yeah… I think the chance of incorrectly scanning a bag should be reduced. Even fully productive security officers keep destroying innocent bags and letting suspicious ones through.

to not further highjack this thread I’ve uploaded the pictures to the A34 Thread to continue this discussion there.

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