Will big youtube channels get early access

Are getting big channels such as The yogscast, direwolf20 etc early access just some days before launch so they can get the hype at the right time up by a lot?

Some games have got a lot of attention because of this and are well sold because of it(games like Prison architect, minecraft and factorio growed a lot because of this.

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Umm,I don`t know about you but that seems a lil bit unfair.:cry:. But,who knows,they might do it.

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Personally think they should get access same time we do but that’s me


I wouldn’t be too aggrieved if the devs did offer some prominent youtubers early access. It’s a legitimate way of spreading word about the game, and in 2017 a huge number of people get their gaming news through youtube. If it gets the devs more attention and increases their return, then I’m all for it. From our perspective, it would mean that we get another sneak peek at some videos before we get our hands on the game, which I’m all for.

The only thing I would ask is that, if the devs do this, they don’t delay the release date for us please.


I disagree with it. Let people come to you, then they will critisize your game honestly. (Also more income $.$ ) By the way after SA publish, I am sure big youtubers are already waiting this game.

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I think it would be a good opportunity to give publicity to the game. Airport CEO currently isn’t known by many people with SimAirport being the more well known one (or as well known as you can be in a niche market), but we all know, Airport CEO is the better one. If we get the publicity of large YouTubers, then the game has a larger chance of being exposed to the public eye and people can see what the game is like before they buy it.


a few years i uploaded a few vid’s on youtube but already a long time not more so i need to wait to for the release, but i think it is just a nice way to get the hype and more people to see this game(and buy it)

I think it should go without saying that any reviewers who get early access to the game do so on the condition that they can express whatever views they like about the game, good or bad, and that the developers do not have any editorial powers with regards to the videos reviewed. This is Apoapsis Studios we’re talking about here, not Sti-Cli.

Many big games go out to the major reviewers early, although the reviews themselves often aren’t released until launch day. I don’t see why Airport CEO couldn’t offer it up to some specific individuals who show an interest in this type of game.


To be honest I think it’s more likely to be released as soon as it’s ready, such that a review copy isn’t really a thing for youtubers to get a chance to see. Therefore we’ll get it all at the same time.

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The devs have had a lot of requests about this already. What we do know is that Fredrik and Olof do NOT want to have people publishing videos before the release and they are thinking about this topic.

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There is no doubt that big youtubers playing the game and releasing reviews, gameplay vids, tutorials will really help spread the word of the game. But I dont see why that has to happen before the release. The game can be released to the entire public in one go, and then the big youtubers can do their reviews.
That way, its fair to all the fans of the game, and anyone who sees one of the videos and is intrested in the game, the game is available immediately, no more waiting.

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One aspect that I think is the most important one when talking about releasing press copies early to big YouTubers is in regards to transparency. We want you to be informed customers and we want you to make informed decisions, i.e. not purchasing a product that you don’t think you’ll like. We believe that our videos are not enough for that and that we’re not a completely credible source since we are the developers, thus, you as consumers would greatly benefit to have someone external from our team who is a known and experienced game critique to take a look at the game and give you their thoughts.

That being said, it is quite difficult for us to determine which YouTuber is big enough or good enough to get access beforehand. It is also, as some of you’ve mentioned, not really fair that someone else is given forehand access just because of their channel’s reach. Thus, we will not give out forehand access but instead send out press keys the instance the game is released so that player’s can get going with playing just as well as reviewing.


I guess the about is probably the best you can do and best response.

Totally understand all your points, I just find it frustrating seeing other profit from something else of somebody’s, and there certainly is a lot of 'controvesal ’ ones on there that like to make ‘damming’ statements just for clicks…

So basically pick the right one as you say…

Dan NerdCubed would be my hope. But it better be a solid game then… :slight_smile:


It’s right up his alley. He actually likes SimAirport, so I think this willl blow his socks off.

I have just seen a video of him trying out the … other … simulator :smiley: I agree, he’d quite like ACEO

We will probably not go after the really large YouTubers until a few weeks after release so that we have time to fix any initial bugs.


Nerdcubed’s quality of video tends to fluctuate massively which makes him a bit irritating to watch at times. But each to their own.

Colonel Failure would be a nice one to give it a go. He’ll really test the intuitiveness of the UI since he refuses tutorials :stuck_out_tongue: He’s also done a lot of other transport games, Transport Fever being his main money maker.

I watch Ellitopia and he loves the tycoon and builder genre so it would be up his alley. KatherynofSky is also pretty good and again loves the genre, and also likes Sim Airport.

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