Will big youtube channels get early access

I think when he plays tycoon and sim games, he’s really pretty reliable though. Check out the out the Sim Airport video if you haven’t already - he’s pretty fair with it considering it’s at a very early stage of development, perhaps a bit too lenient on some things but I think the game had a fair trial with him. Within the limits of the video, he picked up on a lot of the good and bad features of the game.

He’s the one I’d pick for a game like this because these are the kinds of games that he seems to enjoy playing.

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PhlyDaily and DevilDogGamer would be my choice, both are aviation enthusiasts and speak their minds.

Biffa seems to be a good choice and he tends to think things through.


Good day future CEOs and YouTubers, a humble request.
First, let me start of by why I am requesting.
When SimAirport and its videos first started coming out, there was 1 big problem for me that really turned me off. A lot of the YouTubers were uploading gameplay vids titled as “Tutorials”, “How to”, and similar. What happens when you watch the video is the player does not fully understand the features or how they work, but builds stuff often with the wrong approach (but this is not obvious). However, since the approach is wrong, you don’t get the expected outcome, and it feels like the game is buggy. This really irritated me about SA.

I would not like this wonderful game to undergo a similar problem that may cast the game in a bad light. So please, upload all the wonderful gameplay videos so that we can see your airport, but I request that don’t title it as a “How to”, “Tutorial” or “Tips and Tricks” video till you really fully understand the systems and how they work.

Thanks and fingers crossed for a quick and smooth launch.:crossed_fingers:


May I suggest Skye Storme? He has produced a lot of series and has a pretty decent subscription base. I like his reviews because he highlights both good and bad things and is entertaining as well. Doesn’t do “how to” videos, is quite creative and does a lot of research for his series. Also, this game is number 2 on his top building/tycoon games for 2017/2018, so his fans are already aware of the existence of this game.


Im sure he will buy the game soon then :slight_smile:


quill18 is the best choice


I get really frustrated with any youtuber that play’s a game he doesn’t understand and doesn’t have a clue where to click or what to do :slight_smile: I stay away from those vids for that reason.


What I really liked was how Anno handled this problem. For example, quill18 got a press key 2 days before release and had like 10 or 15 hours to play it. But the thing was that he could only upload the footage some ours before official release. That way he got a deeper understanding of the game and didn’t just release “First Impression” or something brainless like that… He had time to start more than one game, correct the first “errors” he made and be critical about why he made those mistakes. The video he released is for me a masterpiece.

Anyway, I’m sure this may be already settled by the dev’s since is so close to official release, but I thought it was important to share a way I personally think is the best way to smartly hype people, i.e., give time for those who have a bigger audience to create intelligent content out of the perfect game!

Perfectly spoken Olof! Many people who are already following this game know that they want to play and will purchase day one. It’s up to us to spread the word. We’ve been waiting months some of us years to play. Spoiling the game by giving it free to YouTubers would be unfair to us. Let us break this game in without spoilers.

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Good point,
I agree, I think that Quill 18 is one of the most underrated YouTubers that people have mentioned, he constantly uploads and he also constantly puts more thought into game play/footage, I think he would love this game and would probably make a small/medium group of videos about it, which will really propel the games popularity and get it noticed on his reasonably sized channel, I know he has done that for me with other games.

This is coming from someone who watches his videos by the way :wink:

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Colonel Failure will play it. And we will all cringe horribly as he manages to miss every single menu option required to play the game properly. And most likely people will become so frustrated as his inability to play the game that they will go buy/pirate the game themselves to do it better :stuck_out_tongue: So, all’s well that ends well…

Totally agree. But sometimes, you dont realise the player has no clue because they sound so confident.
Then it just looks like the game is bad.

I think it’s a bit unfair to give some YouTubers a free copy of the game. Yes, they will promote your game but normal people (your REAL fans) have to pay +/- €15-20 for Airport CEO.

I know some YouTubers who want to buy ACEO.

I second Skye Storme. He plays tons of simulations and is the first person I go to when looking for info on whether or not to buy a sim. I don’t need that kind of info this time, -cause I’m buying it instantly, checking the steam page every day for release and its driving me nuts- but I like to watch him build.

Also he loves details. I watched a video of Transport Fever and he zoomed in on the gate of a train depot and watched it open and the train come out. Cute.


I disagree with it. Let people come to you, then they will critisize your game honestly. (Also more income $.$ ) By the way after SA publish, I am sure big youtubers are already waiting this game.

I wrote this 1 month ago and I still agree with my opinion.

In the end this is a business decision that should be left up to the developers :slight_smile:

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Read the whole thing and this came in my thought: Why are we discussing this??


Either way-if Skye gets a key or got-he is going to play this game, he has already mentioned it in a vid or two

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With the announcement earlier today by the Devs, looks like we don’t need any pre-release game videos. To be honest, at this point I’m not going to watch any. I want the game to test out and find bugs and do all of that myself.

I’m sure so do you. :slight_smile: