Will be there pilots and cabin crew?

It suprised me no one has ever discussed this topic.

Like airport staff, will be there pilots and cabin crew moving around airport, boarding unboarding planes?


Really? :slight_smile:

I must admit these topics don’t all specifically single out the flight crew, but it has been discussed. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hahahaha I searched “pilot” term and it gave me nothing :smiley: But still they discussed ideas and none of devs replied them so my topic still has a point :slight_smile:

I agree. I would expect there to be flight and cabin crew, especially since there are many interesting simulation choices for the player with them. Although i’m not sure it they are implemented at first release :slight_smile:

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It’s definitely an idea we like and could bring a whole new level of impact to the operations of your airport. It would not only be nice to see pilots and aircraft staff walking to flights, but if they would be delayed on their way to the aircraft like via security or something it would cause the entire flight not to be able to leave. I think we could pretty easily simulate this, although it is currently not a priority… but the way our systems are I can’t see it being very complex.

Good idea! :slight_smile:


On a normal turn-around the crew won’t leave the aircraft and walk around in the terminal, but the aircraft change crews several times a day and the crew also need to eat.

I’d actually mentioned this in a mass question topic i had made. I would like flight crew to be going around the airport. Maybe we can design flight crew uniforms for the ?

At some airports mainly in the US as I haven’t seen this done elsewhere, there is a known crew members entrance so they would only go to TSA to check their ID and not join the regular line and they have to be at the airport up to 2 - 4 hours prior to the flight to do a pre-check. Thus I wouldn’t see there being a delay on their end. Most delays have to do with maintenance issues. If that could be incorporated it would give a more realistic view.

Depends if you design your airport such that they go through the queues or not, think that’s the point.

We could assign security checkpoints for staff only… so faster security.

also for customs they have a staff lane

As well as filing a flight plan in the airline staff lounge

It would be very satisfying to see 2 Air Strada pilots, in Air Strada uniform, walking out to a waiting aircraft. Same with cabin crew too!

This would add a lot of realism to the game, and would be something I would definitely like to see in the finished game.

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Would be nice for the cabin crew, but wouldn’t the pilot’s uniforms essentially look the same for all airlines (at least, from a top-down perspective anyway).

Besides, at the moment the planes are just coming in and going back out, so the cabin crew would most likely just stay on the plane and assist in turnaround. For based aircraft (when they come along), it would be quite nice.


Good points @me123
Pilot uniforms all look the same - it’s true.
However, I think that at least some of the cabin crew usually do leave the aircraft, even if they are returning to the same plane.
But yes, it would be nice to see.

for now on, crew could just leave airplane, go bathroom or visit shops and return to aircraft.

EDIT: With or without leaving secure zone.

Or like many airlines, there can be a crew change at your airport. So the flight crew will leave and a new flight crew will take their place.

Also, maybe a separate zone through which the crews pass.

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Also, maybe a separate zone through which the crews pass.

I guess “Staff only security pass” is enough for this.

I know your reply is old, but this thread is still active.

In my local international airport, the crew does still go through security checkpoint like the general population, however they get to use the “fast lane” just like anyone with TSA PreCheck or those with disabilities.

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