Airline Employee Rooms

When airlines base crew at certain airports, they have rooms for their employees to plan, meet and discuss their flights.

Some of the rooms include;
Conferencing Rooms (For flight crew and cabin crew to meet and discuss their flights)
Computer Rooms (So pilots can check weather etc. & plan flight plans and print of neccasery documents they need)

Could this be a requirement for some airlines if they want them? and would we be able to create these rooms?


I like the idea of meeting areas for preflight briefings. Maybe just an area where the crew go along, congregate for a few minutes and then head off to their gate. I think that this would be something that an airline would mandate, particularly if they’re moving towards basing crew and

Of course, not all flights would need this I would imagine. Lots of the low cost carriers with 20 minute turnarounds obviously don’t disembark and sit in a briefing room, but as a prerequisite to based crew and aircraft I really like this idea. Maybe just one room would work (perhaps one per airline), though? All you’d need is a table, chairs, and computer as a minimum requirement.

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