Why wont they use the facilities?

So in the included screenie, I have all the required facilities. BUT! The PSA’s working the check-in area will not use either of the toilet blocks nor the staff room. And I can’t figure out why. They like to exit the check-in via the doors there, and go up to the terminal exit, realise they can’t get in that way, turn around and repeat. The staff security is manned, and I have seen some staff use the security entrance, but the won use the exit there, preferring the northern exit.

How is the layout defective?


Do the security checkpoints and toilet rooms allow staff; is the option enabled?

Yes. One of the security is dedicated to staff only. Toilets are both customer and staff.

Is the staff room and toilet in the secure zone also marked as secure? Including the door.
With Z you can see the zone overlay and may find missing spots.

Yes they are. Other staffers are using the staff room, and the passengers are using the toilets. That’s what has me baffled. The janitors coming from the staff room will use the southern (staff zoned) exit, but it seems the psa’s won’t. Passengers are using the toilets, both inside and outside the secure zone, but the psa’s won’t. The toilets are marked everybody can use them.

I have (at times) over 2x the psa’s as there are jobs claimed, so it is not as though they have no time for a break.

Can I have a look on one of those facilities? Including the area around it. Same for my airline lounge, my passengers wouldn’t use it at all. it was manned with correct zoning. For the W/C it may be that you may be charging them money.

As you can see, no charge to use.

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Can you show us some screenshots of your airport with active zone overlay (Z key)? If possible every part of it and also your flight planner (G key)

If you also work with Terminal zones, then those as well (T key)

Then we know everything about your setup. :slight_smile:

Screenies as per request. #2 and #3 have some text in areas that aren’t behaving as expected.

Did the problem exist before you built the new staff only toilet?
If not, try switching that room off to see if the problem goes away.
My theory is that staff are trying to preference the staff only bathroom which only exists in a secure area. PSA might not want to pass through security unless they’re heading to a job at a boarding desk.

If switching it off solves the problem, I suggest building another staff only bathroom in the non secure area.

The staff toilet exists because they won’t use the other toilets. You will note it doesn’t exist in the screenie in post 1.

The PSA’s won’t use the staff security exit at all. They take the northern exit, going outside to get to the check-in area.

Hmm. Very strange.
Sorry I can’t think of any other cause right now but if you want to upload your airport to stream I’m happy to investigate when I get some free time.

I could do that, but I have a few mods installed. If I list them, you still want the upload?

Savegames work even when others don’t have the same mods installed. So it’s not necessary to list them. :slight_smile:

Uploaded as TMA savegame.

Has anyone here checked out the save game?

Can you link it here (on workshop press share and copy link here). The save section of the workshop is a mess right now…

Here you go.

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For me, the agent used both the bathrooms and the staff room. Sometimes it takes a while for them to go there because they keep getting new job tasks in the area, so can’t have a break. But otherwise, everything works fine.

Seems weird, because for me the agents behave completely differently. In addition to not using said facilities, they won’t us the southern security exit, preferring to go outside.