Why is the land so small?

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Today, I was wondering why the land is so small. We got a little bit of land from the multi-floor update, however the big bird update added bigger structures. Same with Alpha 33. @Olof and @Fredrik Will you be able to add more land to the existing land pieces you can purchase.

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Welcome to the community @Blackout. The tag you placed in wasn’t one of the dev’s. I beleive the tag that should be in is @Olof, not @olaf.

The land isn’t made bigger because of performance. When the devs add more land to the map. Players will make bigger airports and therefore get more lag. Then players will complain about the lag. Since they don’t want to do double work, they first add new things and will later fix performance when they get everything/most of it.


Thank you @Luctor and @Scottie for the feedback! I was just wondering because every time I make an airport, I always make the terminal building too big. I never have room for anything. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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cough cough How to make a world bigger cough

Hello @WillTheGamer , and no, that is not what I need. Number 1: That is out of date, you need to purchase land, and 2: I was wondering after you purchase the extra land, why it still is so small.

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Just confirming here that Luctor speaks the truth! :slight_smile:


Don’t know what you mean. It still works the same way as described only that there is an issue with the building grid if you make the area larger. You can do it with the normal windows text editor. And if you wanna unlock all the land, you can change that in the same file. Just change all the lines that say something like “leftUnlocked”:false to “leftUnlocked”:true and they are all unlocked.
Small hint, try changing the land size to 1350X1350. That’s the biggest possible without having to build something on the blue background. But you might not get full bug support if you alter the game files. Just saying.

I mean, could you at least make it optional in the debug menu? My airport filling up the whole grid has little to no lag and I’m on a Mac so I’m willing to take the lag. You could just put a disclaimer about how it could cause lag. :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, no, we don’t like those types of temporary features. There are ways to hack the map as you’re aware of and that’s completely unsupported, we won’t spend time adding features that we’re not going to support unfortunately.

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I just did it, open GameData.json in notepad and search for worldsize, then change the values to what you want then save it.

You may also want to move at least roads & personTransitStructures in the StructureData.json. Moving environmentTerrainObjects there isn’t required, but it makes the world look better with trees and rocks spread on the whole map.

If you plan to do it on more than 1 map, writing a simple script might be a better solution than using a text editor - the best is to choose a scripting language that has built-in JSON decode & encode functions.

I find it quite quick to do, but for the moment, there’s not point. You won’t be able to build an airport so very large with the 200 flight per day cap that’s in place… unless one can edit that field too… 200 flights per day is basically 45 aircraft stands on a 24 hour airport. I’ve built them with 80-90 stands before by editing the gamesave as well. It gets intense, but watching it move is pretty amazing. 8-10 runways are needed to support it.

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