Where is Rocio Alvarez?

She’s supposed to do the boarding () of flight CL66 at Stand 13.
Her job is delayed and medium boarding desk 13 is empty.
The employee job tasks list’s button “inspect” leads me (VERY CLOSE BTW) to the desk. I know where the desk is, it is pretty immobile, what I really would like to know is where the heck Rocio is.
There should be a link from the list where the icon is or from her name to her current location.

It would help me to find out why he is not on the desk in time.
Also, a link from the desk’s property window to the passenger service agents (PSA) in charge would be helpful.

I went to the employees screen and filtered all PSAs to look for Rocio but… the list is not ordered! :roll_eyes:
I finally found her on the other side of the airport, running, passing an empty staff room on her way to the stand, tired with a full bladder…

Does anybody know a faster way to locate an employee assigned to a task?


Are all of your facilities working, (bathrooms). If they were not it might have delayed her, or she had to walk a very long time so she was running late. Also, I recommend hiring a small surplus amount of staff in absences like this.

Well, some times ago, there was a search bar at staff overview for search by name, like we have it at vehicles… But it looks as if devs are just a little bit loosing their track, recently… Another remove of a useful feature for incomprehensible reasons… Hopefully we don’t end up with a bad substitute as we did with airplane-size-percentage-bar

I think there is no other way, as you already did…

in general it is exactly the same strange, irrational (and imho buggy) job assigning and staff behavior as already mentioned before several times

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