We're now Apog Labs

Hey hey!

Even though it’s quieter than normal we do got a a few things cooking behind the scene. One of those things have been the renaming of Apoapsis Studios to Apog Labs. Why? The short version is that “apoapsis” is too complicated to pronounce. The long version can be read here:

We’ll update the Airport CEO build to reflect this shortly as part of a minor update! :slight_smile:



Congrats. Pronouncing I was good… I must confess, I always had to look up the spelling.

Mercury and on to Venus… The journey continues :heart:


It is amazing that five years have gone by already. Enjoy the upcoming niceties of new things!

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that’s a good choice of name

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Well, with the knowledge what apoapsis means before I even knew your studio, I’ve found that much more better and easier that “Apog”. It actually sounds for me like a frog which got shot before it could finish his sentance. Lol

… I will remind you now as Apoapsis Game Laboratories which actually makes more sense to me. :wink:


Haha, I never even knew how to pronunce or write the long name lol :smiley:

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That I certainly agree with! :smiley: :heart: