Waste depot emptying

Is there a way to increase the capacity of the garbage trucks that clean out the waste depot? At the moment they just do not clear the trash fast enough for my airport not to overflow with waste…

Maybe consider building a second one?

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I have 10😂

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Did you tried the slider at the wast depot?

Yes all of them are at 10% but it seems like there cannot be too many of them at your airport at once or something, also it sends one truck to pickup more than it has capacity for

Did you consider building extra entrances / exists on your airport already? I like to have a service road underground going directly to the waste processors and then another one going out again.

Yes exactly this is at my airport already, multiple entrances with underground roads to them

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And how many stands does your airport has?
Maybe you can give us some screenshots. That could help us to see why you have issues. :slight_smile:

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10% seems very low
Have you tried 90% ?

That way the Waste Depot fills up, reaches 90% and is usually emptied just before it reaches full
If you have 10% then there is very little capacity

If it’s 10% it gets emptied more often. You do not want to keep the trash and reach 100% as then trucks cannot empty themself. :slight_smile:


Just asking if tried a higher number
I tested 75% at the beginning
Lowered it to 25%
However, I found using 90% gave the best results

The issue is large numbers of Aircraft Cabin Cleaning Trucks
It should be one per Medium stand and two per Large stand

Really need to know the ratio

I have a relaly big airport, almost 50 stands (large and medium). The problem just seems to be the capacity of the garbage truck picking up the waste, but that cannot be adjusted right? 500 garbage per truck is just not enough to keep up with all the garbage coming from 200 flights or more a day…

I (currently) have a ratio of two Medium stands and four Large stands per Waste Depot

As above, need to know the ratios and can then work out where the problem is

I have 23 medium 24 large, currently 10 waste depots

23 Medium stands
24 Large stands
10 Waste Depots

How many waste trucks?

I can run a 80 stand airport with two waste depots. It’s all about having enough trucks in short distance to the stands.

And keep the waste depots close to the service car entrance and world exits for an efficient clearance.

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I was having the same problem with my huge airport.
I have 4 equal Terminals with 4 big stands and 12 medium stands each witch having 2 waste depot and 25 waste truck each. I was setting it to 75% and all the depots gets full.
After that i built another 4 waste depots and stay at the same problem.
At the end i disable collecting waste because the running cost for the waste depots and waste trucks were higher than the incoming money from the aircraft cleaning.

Maybe file a bug report, maybe something is wrong with garbage generation on your field?

As initially posted, may some screenshots could help us to understand your airport. May the issue is in the layout.


Sorry for the late response, hereby an overview of my airport. Most of the waste depots are awaiting pickup at the moment and 5 garbage trucks currently at the airport emptying depots, but that only removes 2500 pieces of waste. That amount is quickly produced again by all the aircraft arriving…