Walking in circle (in secure zone, out secure zone, in...)

Hey guys,

Not sure if a bug, but does anyone have a clue why these people keep walking in circles instead of just going to a staff room

edit: i’m sure the pattern is visible on the picture.
From security check, down to exit, and then right up to security check

Maybe it has something todo with the one staff room being in the secure zone, never tried that, but looks to me like they try to find a path to it but cant really find one :smiley: I would assume the zones are set up correctly :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha I have no idea!
One of the rooms is secure + staff and the other is just staff.
Should i remove the secure part?

I had the same kind of problem, and the solution was that the surface under 1 of the doors wasnt zoned correctly. Maybe something like that?

Its the new keep fit routine

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Still experience this very frustrating error. I think it can also be caused by walls/hedge/window placed without the room

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I don’t know if it’s a bug, and I don’t know if there’s some intention to it, but I’ve managed to solve this problem by (repeatedly) rezoning the secure area staff room as secure. Even if it is already marked as secure, I find that by dragging the secure zone over it again (and covering part of the adjacent secure area), it seems to temporarily solve the problem, and the wandering staff (for me, mainly passenger service agents and ramp agents) would start going inside and actually sitting down for a rest. But you’d have to repeat this every so often when you see them wandering again.

The hedges and windows issue is really annoying me as well. Walls, I get, because you do use them to prevent people from crossing into secure zones without being checked, and to some extent windows; but when I’m trying to say build ‘windows’ and use them as glass screens (e.g. to form a boarding gate area), it just bugs up the entire thing. Hedges are the worst–building a hedge around my coffee shop results in passengers not purchasing anything (but they are still able to walk through and sit inside the coffee shop!)

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This happens to me a lot in my st. helena build:

haha this topic is 3 years old :smiley:


Problem is still there - I had it in recent A35 builds

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Older errors are the fun ones haha - they are sat in the back of the classroom throwing paper airplanes at us players haha

Please do bug report when you have these types of looping behavior as there’s not much we can do without looking at the save! :slight_smile:


I did - ACEO-29218

Have done via in game menus a few times :slight_smile:

You need say the bug number. ACEO-[Insert Numbers Here]

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I’ve found one of these issues to be the cause of merging two secure zones and the room secure zone numbering not updating, so until we provide a fix a quick solve could be to rezone the area that covers the room.


ACEO 31530 bug report within game hope that may assist with things

Additionally ACEO 31625