Walk on walk off stand - ARR/DEP segregation in Beta Default?

Experiencing a bit of an issue in the latest release. My exisitng methods of ARR/DEP segregation appear to be failing to avoid pathfinding attempts across the two areas because understandable they are the same secure zone effectively.

Simple query - based on this screenshot, what solution would ensure staff can still cross the ARR/DEP areas of an airport, but that passengers won’t try and reach say a Bathroom on the other side?

Issue i’m finding is Departures up on first floor, customers try and pathfind down into Arrivals on the ground floor in the screenshot. Haven’t had this issue previously, I’m thinking maybe improvements within Beta have indirectly meant an improved pathfinding, makes this layout not suitable any more.

Do i need to have a wall right up to the stand/road tiles and a small/medium door either side is that the new solution?

Cheers :slight_smile: appreciate any help with this

That is effectively what I do, but on the Level 0 stand entrances I get PAX skipping round the end of the wall from Arrivals to Departures and vice versa when the doors open. I see you’ve put a staff zone on that tile, I must try that to see if it works ith the way I’ve done it.

Issue I have is, passengers still triggering errors trying to access mainly bathrooms in ARR vs DEP, trying to narrow down why it’s suddenly happening. Issue is, still need doors between them to allow staff to move around terminal.

I get that too. I had a brief exchange of messages earlier on in the Beta Released thread which ended with this post: Airport CEO Beta 1 released - #297 by talisman56 - particularly my analysis of the situation in the last paragraph.

I have only tried this segregated set up using jetways with arrivals and departures on the same floor and I don’t see any issues with PAX crossing over between arrivals and departures. I think I saw some other posts with folks having issues with arrivals on one floor and departures on another as pathfinding is not optimised for this

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In Airport CEO we have two different systems that play a major role when it comes to person-to-object accessibility. A passenger first checks what objects (the type they are looking for) are available in the same zone area as they are in and, separated from that, they then try to find a path to it. It goes a little something like this (very, very, very simplified…):

  1. Determine next activity to execute (check-in, toilet, eating, whatever, depends on a bunch of different values and situation such as flight status, time, distance to stuff and then needs and moods).

  2. Activity is determined, now we need to find an object for that activity: What zone area number am I in? We here use an system similar to IP addresses, so if a passenger is in zone area it means that they are in terminal 1, secure area 1, international zone 0 (0 is null, meaning no international area) and area 3 (super generic and tied to the terminal foundation space).

  3. Passenger is in zone area X.Y.Z.N, let’s search for that object type in zone area X.Y.Z.N and an object is hopefully found for the activity we want in the same zone area as we are in. Now we try to plot a path to that object.

  4. If a path is found, we can continue to execute the activity. If a path is not found, the activity is cancelled and we start over.

This is obviously complex stuff and if we were to build the game from the ground up all over again it would probably not look the same but this is what we have today, most importantly in 95% of all cases it does work very well, i.e. when you build along the lines of how it’s intended to work and how the game is designed. It’s when people are looking for very custom solution that it breaks down because, well simply, those cases are not supported and will not be supported.

Secure zones will always merge, just like international zones. Splitting with staff zone does not work, because staff zone is subordinate to secure zone as you very much see in the zone overlay graphic. This means that with no jetway configuration you will not be able to separate arrival and departure since the zone merge via the stand and for the time being I don’t have a good solution to this, separation is as of right now only supported via jetways and since we do have that support I consider this specific design request not of high priority. And as you might know by now, this zone area system is quite complex and there is no simple silver bullet solution to “just make it so they don’t merge”. These types of systems, they way we’ve built them, are complex and I fully understand that without insight into the code and how you would go about developing a game like this it’s easy to mistake things for being easy to fix but I hope that by writing this post I’ve now shed some light on why it’s not… :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the lengthy explanation.

  1. How do I separate arrivals to zone 1 and departures to zone 2 AND allow staff to access across them freely? If you remember, I tried to do specific security checks for staff only between the zones and your said it won’t work. Meaning exit from zone 1, neutral / staff only space, check in to zone 2 and other way.

If that isn’t the way, and staff only square isn’t the way, then what is? What is your design intent what we are supposed to follow?

Is it not possible to eliminate the door, change it with two smaller doors, and close off that staff zone with a wall?

Issue is then I think that the actual “floor” or the stand is a secure zone so the segregation then merges together effectively out one door and back in the other. It is possible for purely a visual and walking route situation, just not the issue of passengers attempting to go to facilities either side

Thanks for a well explained reply :slight_smile: maybe though the arrivals and departures segregation subject needs more clarity as the initial guide and announcements around that, imply otherwise which I think is why a few of us are getting confused when it doesn’t work how assumed.

Knowing walk on walk off stands can not be segregated fully clears it up. Also having shuttle bus stands beside a stand also stops segregation being possible as it causes secure zone merging via the stand roads.

Just think it maybe needs clarifying more especially after there was announcements about this few month ago I think that implied otherwise.

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Yip. As long as you use the jetways then segregation is possible and works fine. In my international terminal PAX coming off a plane can be segregated and directed to passport control then out of the secure zone allowing them to leave the airport. I have a door between the two segregated areas that is zoned as staff only to allow staff to move between arrivals and departures. Also worth having one automated passport control Booth in your segregated departure area in case a flight in cancelled and departing PAX can then exit international and make their way to secure zone exit to leave airport


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