Vehicle AI and Pathfindng

I hope the new and improved pathfinding prevent situations like this. The vehicle is returning from servicing aircraft (green X). It is returning to the Vehicle Depot. It drives past the Depot to the end of the road, turns around, and drives back to the Depot (red arrows). You have to click on the image to see the green X.

It won’t. That is some other logic that would need to be added. The pathfinding that is being worked on now is performance motivated :slight_smile:

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I made a new airport with 10 medium stands … and now I know what pathfinding means …
even janitors have stopped cleaning (they just stand)… almost all flights delayed…
passengers and employees stand after passing security checks, after leaving the actf, behind security gates …
I hope that new pathfinding logic will do the job… cause for now is chaos, max chaos :grinning:

Yes, the current path finding improvement is only about performance and does not apply for vehicles. Of course the quality of the vehicle paths are on our agenda as we are fully aware of the weird paths that you pointed out. The issue lies in how vehicles are allowed to move from node to node.


Please have a look at this path of a stand-assigned large pushback truck.

After performing its pushback, it left stand and went all over the whole airport, to de-icing pad, just for turning around and going back to its assigned stand.

As there are many vehicles going around on airfields, theses days, vehicle pathfinding/traffic really needs some improvement…

It’s most likely not the path-finding itself that’s the issue but the behavior of the vehicle instead, invoking strange position requests causing those paths. I’m not saying there’s not an issue, just making it clear that it’s not the path-finding per se that’s the culprit. Can you bug report this save so that we can check it out?

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I’ll report and post here this evening…


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Any feedback or info about this… ?

Here another nice path, same issue, different pushback truck, different stand