Using Different runways / Taxi issues

Hi All,

I need some advise on using several runways and how to create the taxiways to have a decent behaviour of the planes.
Up to now, using more then one runway for departure is ending up in a terrible mess.
So I don’t use several runways and make my flight schedule in a way the departing traffic is spread.
Currently using 20 gates divided over 2 piers.
But I want to expand so I will need to use 2 departure runways.
I want to make my 3rd pier and will create 2 new runways, one for departure, one for arrival only accessable for the 3rd pier and 4the pier i will build later on.
I want to create a stroke of non-functional foundation between the taxiway foundation of both parts.
Also need to be sure planes for the current 2 piers isn’t landing on the arrival runway of the 3rd and 4th pier…
Has anyone experience with this ?

The system should only let planes land ob a runway connected to your stand, so if you dont connect pier 3 and pier 2 their taxi nodes, it should work out for you even if the tiles are connected

Thanks… will give it a try then… :wink:

@dewitjur Is it possible to have separated stands and runways and it still works? Last test I did the system could not deal with it because there was no connection between the taxiways and thus plains could not reach the stands and the other way around.

I guess as long as a stand is connected to at least one runway it should work.

Try to build 7x pieces-wide taxiways and use two parallel taxi path on it separating by 1x piece. It is not realistic but solving all taxiing poblemsIMG_20190201_200847

when using large piers, i prefer taxiing this way.

Making them come in the center prevents incoming flights to reserve the taxilanes needed for pushbacks. This reduced my delays by alot.


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