Alpha 31 - delays - the second

There is another reason for delays.
It happens that airplanes have to wait forever for their pushback. The push-back-car is on the stand and waiting.
It is waited until all, really all other taxiing planes have pass this stand.

The blue plane is the one with the delay. Boarding was completed around 04:10, the push-back car was already there. All red-circled aircraft are being serviced. One did not even land. It is now 04:35

Meanwhile, the blue plane waits almost an hour. The aircraft just mentioned has just landed.

The push-back process begins at 05:27, about 1.5 hours later. This means that the next plane will be delayed and at this point no plane will be punctual on this day.

I think there is still room for improvement in the organization of the roll on the apron. :wink:

I once showed an example of how i keep arrivals from reserving taxi nodes needed for pushbacks


@dewitjur: Thanks for that! It’s a good solution solving a feature I’d rather call a bug. :wink:

Therefore, I agree with @Boeing737 that in the longer term a better solution for the taxiing and pushbacking behavior should be found.

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OR the delayed aircraft being given a higher priority to taxi based on the severity of delay. This would stop other close-by aircraft on the taxiway to stop and allow the delayed aircraft to proceed for take-off.

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