Two years in the making: Celebrating Airport CEO's second Early Access anniversary!

:trophy: Hello avid forum user and airport CEO! :airplane:

As you might have seen, this is the weekend where we celebrate Airport CEOs second and last Early Access anniversary! We had a little party in our office yesterday (Friday) where we shared a proper ACEO cake together with our closest friends and family…

… and of course we also want to celebrate together with your, our second family! Thank you all for joining in on this journey, from the first versions of what Airport CEO was, to what it is today and what it eventually will become. Everyone part of this community is what is most important to us and we couldn’t have done anything with ACEO without you, ranging from your ideas, to design contests, to bug reports, to translations and to just partaking in this wonderful community.

As you know we are still working on implementing new content for Alpha 33 and we’ll have some text to share with you on Monday but we’ll also be sharing a few screenshot… as a little birthday gift to you all, we’re sharing them with you here and now a day early.

Please not that things in the screens are very much subject to change, for example the baggage loading service will be replaced with ULDs!

Thank you once again and happy birthday to us all! :heart: :airplane:

// Alexander, Fredrik and Olof - Apoapsis Studios


Happy Anniversary :slight_smile: :airplane::small_airplane::tada:

Grab your “Slice of Life”, “Happy Pig” :heart_eyes:


Awesome! Happy Anniversary to you! Thanks for the sneak peak! made my day while working on ABQ. Can’t wait for the update!

Here is a little sneak peak of my ABQ to share what fun you guys have created, @Olof, @Alexander, @Fredrik!! ! Its coming along so nicely! Look how far the game has come! To be able to create something like this you could not do long ago. Keep up the amazing work. Now get back to work because I need moving walkways for my long terminals and staff room assigned connections to stands/boarding desks/check in desks etc!!! :rofl:


So excited :star_struck::star_struck:


@Olof, @Alexander, and @Fredrik. I am so proud. You have worked tremendously hard this year adding larger and lager updates. Thank you for opening up this community for everything you guys do! HAPPY Anniversary ACEO!:grin:


Happy anniversary :airplane: :tada: :tada:


Congratulations ACEO ! :birthday: :tada::heart_eyes:

Those previews are amazing ! So excited :grinning:

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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I remember that evening when the game released… Oh boy what was I happy… Hope for some great achievements in the next year!

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Happy anniversary from Germany! Enjoy your cake! :slight_smile:

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EPIC! so was that plane an A340?

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I’m fairly certain that aircraft was an A330

Happy anniversary!!! (Never enough sneek peeks as usual)

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Cannot believe it has been 2 years, happy anniversary! And yes, an A340-300, we have yet to see the A330-200 which also won the last competition. 787 has been more or less revealed, but there still seems to be another secret plane on Trello, but sure if it is a variant, or a brand new type…

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even more EPIC

I’m fairly certain that aircraft was an A330

Since when A330 has 4 engines?


Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t see the outer engines! :crazy_face:


I think it is an A380 because it was parked at the A380 marking on the stand, but it’s funny to see everyone else’s interpretations.

This is not an A380. An A380 has bigger engines. I think this is an A340 for sure.

now that I look at it I agree. still wont it then be parked at the A340 marking…

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The devs confirmed it was A340 on twitter

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