Training Facilities and Classroom

Training would be good to improve the skills and performances of the staff from the security, airport staff, ground dispatchers, and the mechanics. I think with the skills they will carry their jobs better, faster and more efficiently giving better ratings to the airport. I was thinking of two options.

Option 1: Build rooms/facilties in the airport to train staff. You can either choose to hire a third party to come to the airport to train(part timer) or you can hire your own specific Trainers (full-timer) which makes them a staff too. You select the staff you want to train and and they will take time off in the classroom to train.

Option 2: You select staff, Pay the training fee and they take time off and leave the airport to train in the “outside world” and then come back again.


Interesting idea! I think conference rooms are rather common on airports. These could be a place for training, staff meetings and travelers meetings. Probably should be outside the security checkpoint because all attending might not work on the airport or going to fly somewhere.

It would be more realistic if mangers, leaders and executives go away for education. Because their training might only fit one employee. Of course this could be a choice from the CEO. If you train one employee at the airport it would be very expensive however the employee would be away from work shorter. If you going to train a whole team of employees then you could benefit from training them at the airport. The airport does not have to pay for travel and stay for the employees and they will be back working fast.

I do hope training makes it in and that you have the coice of

  • building your own training facilities (good for alter on)
  • outsourcing it and just pay a fee

I do hope that in both cases the employee is actually training for a bit (either sitting in class or offsite)

You could also build facilities on site for the airlines to use (either rent your existing classrooms or something more specific like a virtual cockpit)

Great idea. It is something we will keep in mind. Training of staff could be a way to invest in your employees. Renting out conference rooms could add some extra cash. All great ideas! :slight_smile:


Could work kinda like in Software Inc where you just send your guys off to have courses and they come back after a while with higher skills. Shouldn’t be too hard to add I guess.

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Continuing my idea from here:

Trainings can also be used as an option to unlock new features that other games unlock through Research. (I am not saying remove research, I am saying can use both, and choose which is appropriate for which feature).

For example: Provide ramp agent training to unlock belt loaders. Provide ground staff training to unlock remote stands (and bus shuttles). HazMat/Paramedic training to unlock Fire/Medical services.

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This would be a fantastic idea to implement, if possible! It’d add a lot of depth and replayability to the game.

Good thought.

For me I was thinking more of researching those training, once available the staff have to attend the classes to gain experience and access to more specific work.

Pretty cool if that can happen

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It could also be a factor to choose from when hiring a less experienced employee would not want as higher wage as an experienced one. Also after the training they might want a higher wage because they are more experienced :slightly_smiling_face: Then there could be different courses concentrating on a different skill. Then with a skill system they could make it that when an employee works their skills gradually increase. This idea could be made into something major in the game. :wink: :airplane:

I’d like to see an option to also train staff on-site. So smaller airports might send out their staff to outside training facilities but then as the airport grows you could build those facilities on-site. So high cost of entry for on-site facilities but lower training costs (also would have to get instructors for on-site so that adds another cost).

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I think also the ability to train or promote people to managers/supervisors would be a good idea also. If I have an army of 100 janitors they would need some direction. While I may not train the lowly guys, I would train my hire ups to run a better team.


Maybe have their efficiency diminish the more you hire “entry level staff” (janitors, ATM, technicians), but their joy/satisfaction increase. And having a proper structure of managers/supervisors/etc over them would have the opposite effect.

Muchly pretty please

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