Tilt trays

Can we please have the option of a high speed tilt tray, that moves bags as fast as the high speed belts (or at least faster than the current one. My tilt trays are just one big source of congestion


I also have this issue. I hope the devs add this to the game

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This was asked in the AMA this sunday and the response was this:

Q: Will there be a faster version of the tilted baggage conveyor belt due to the current one being slow.
A: There should be, yeah, on the other hand I question how realistic that’d be. Tilt trays IRL, at least to my understanding, scan bar codes to be able to determine it’s path and I’m not sure if that’s supported at those high speeds?

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If you have congestion, you better parallelize your baggage system. Two parallel belts have double throughput. High-speed belts are only good to increase distribution speed, not throughput.


That makes sense. It needs some time to scan the baggage and distribute it.

How about the ability to research RFID for baggage handling? Using RFID, means bags don’t have to be ‘scanned’ as such, they announce themselves automatically. A bag could be re-routed much faster that way (high-speed tilt-tray)

There are a lot of high speed parcel splitters.

Just google them ;).

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