This is frustrating

Hi guys,

I have this issue, see the att., and I don’t know what is the solution. A pack of pax standing in bus station and looking for the check-in. Or can’t find their way. Or looking for bathroom. WTF??? What I’m doing wrong?

That’s very weird… Did you try to save and reload? If that doesn’t work you should submit a bug report.

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I had this… several things I had to do… first I closed the bus stop and second I added a subway and they the all dispersed

I downloaded your airport. Loading took over 5 minutes, but worth it. Your creation gave me new insights on how to build. Thanks!

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So, I have no answer to my issue…

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@cucuruzzz Do you have an issue with all PAX or do some enter your terminal without issues? Personally I’ve never built busstops so close to the terminal, so no idea if that might cause an issue. You have benches and toilets close by, so PAX should be able to find them without issues. Could you please also share a daytime screenshot with zones (z key) enabled? And if you have some more details on behaviour, please share that as it could help to think with you for a solution, hope we can help.

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