Problem loading save game

do you guys know why my game is not loading because it has said almost done for around 15 minutes now?

How big is your airport?

half of the map size with an incomplete interior.

Yeah, maybe rar your save and send the devs a mail, will send the mail in a PM

Sorry what does rar mean and wills end the email in a PM?

Oh, zip, package… the savegame it to big or in to many files to conveniently email it.


And for the message (PM = personal message) you should see a green alert in your alerts at the top bar of forums.

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Thank you for all your help, I will be sure to send the devs an email.

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Please do, I am eagerly waiting! :slight_smile:

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Moved this to a new topic as it was not related to the original post.

I cannot get in the map so I am entering my save file and force quit the app multiple times but still it keeps failing to load after a long period of time in “almost complete”. Should I send a bug report then?

The game goes into NON RESPONDING while LOADING GAME DATA, the mail is with the DEVS.

Edit; I let it run for a while, it has moved to ALMOST DONE, lol!

I will now lock this thread, @Olof can unlock it if need be.

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