The GA career mode

will be building a GA terminal where we handle things like flight schools, private aircraft and charter aircraft ? i like the idea of starting off with just general aviation then building it up to a full airport.

I think this topic has been discussed before, but it is planned for GA and starting with a small airport then building it up to an international one. There was some discussion of adding private schools and charter flights to the airport’s services.

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Right now GA will only land, park for a while, maybe request refueling and takeoff. It will be a good starting point in career mode in order to make some money and be able to expand further. Later we might consider flight school, charter flights etc. but it will have to wait until at least after pre-alpha release. :airplane:


Do they go to a reporting point? Often the tower or main terminal information desk and pay for landing fees and parking fees and anything else before returning? Or do they just connect to your Wi-Fi and do it from the plane before taking off again?

And do they sometimes park up for the night and fly back in the morning/A week later? And can they base their aircraft out of your airport?

I presume all this will be added later, but how much will be in the base game? Just stopping for a bit?

We have only implemented random parking time between 1-5 hours. Could be nice to add night parking fees as well. In the current version they will only park at a stand which allows GA and pay the fee. Of course there are many many more features that can be implemented after the release, but I think we will hold off where we are now and not get too carried away.


Didn’t you just implement them staying overnight as well? :wink:


Yes, after writing my first respons, I did. Any GA that arrives late in the evening will stay until next morning, paying a reduce overnight parking fee.


This game is just gettig better and better!


You guys code so fast. Lightening speed. :sweat_smile:

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The coding is the easy bit :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s the deciding how to implement stuff that’s hard!

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Very true! Not to mention the horrible cousins of new features: Serialization (save, load), dependencies (more software, more dependencies) and error handling…

GA will be featured in the next video! :slight_smile:


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