The Airport Logotype Design Contest

The Airport Logotype Design Contest

Since we know how creative, talented and devoted our community is, the time for a new design contest has once again come! As of Alpha 33, we've overhauled the airport logo system with a powerful section of sub-features for creating truly custom logos and we now need a nicer selection of airport logos to chose from as you create your new airport. Before introducing the conditions, there is a new core feature added: The airport's IATA code can be an element of the logotype! Real life examples of this can be seen in the logos of LAX and CPH. The winners' logo will be in the vanilla version of ACEO, their name will be able to generate in game as passenger or staff and the forum alias credited in the game's credit menu panel. But wait, there is more! The winners will also receive one free Steam key for ACEO to use for themselves or give to a friend!

All submissions should be posted in this main thread as an upload of your .png-file. The winning logotypes will be picked at the end of the contest period based on most likes or what we (the ACEO team) feels simply must be in the full release of the game!

Deadline: Sunday 20th October 23:59 (GMT+1)


  1. Create a document able to export to .png with dimensions 256x256px (the design may use transparency).

  2. Design a custom logotype you feel is suitable for an airport. Get inspirations from existing airports but don't plagiarize.

  3. Your design may include the IATA-code, but note that this is not mandatory, and we also happily accept logos without the support for IATA.

  4. If your design should include the IATA-code, make sure different combinations of three letters looks good ("MMM" seems to usually take up the most space)

  5. If your design should include the IATA-code, these are the fonts available for use:

  • BebasNeue Bold
  • BebasNeue Regular
  • BebasNeue Book
  • OpenSans ExtraBold
  • OpenSans SemiBold
  • OpenSans Light
  • Cousine-BoldItalic
  • Cousine-Regular

These are fonts native to ACEO. Don’t modify the font in any way (skew, separate letters, etc.), however feel free to change the color, rotation and font size.

  • Upload your beautiful design!

    • We want a PNG of dimensions 256x256px posted in this thread

    • If your design will use the IATA-code, please upload one design without the IATA showing (the one we will use), and one with an example-IATA showing so we know how it's intended to look in-game. Please also specify the font and font color used from the list above! (otherwise we'll chose one that looks the most similar)

    NOTICE: Any external imagery must be 100% allowed to use commercially royalty free. If you are in doubt or unsure, do not use it. This is very important as your design will be automatically disqualified if it contains copyrighted material!

    You are allowed to submit several designs, but as always we value quality over quantity.

    All winners must accept to completely transfer all ownership of the created design to Apoapsis Studios. This will be handled individually, should your design win.

    Design submission example

    StripesWith StripesWithout
    Font: BebasNeue Bold
    Font color: #76df9a

    A short notice on modding

    Should your design not make it into the game, you will be able to mod custom logos in. It will support uploading to Steam Workshops. The system is in place and will be implemented shortly and described in another upcoming thread!

    Best of luck to our contestants! :airplane:


    Interesting… I will try to make something.

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    I’m so excited! Quick question: Are we allowed to change letter spacing with the font? Thanks!


    Good to hear! I did some research, and now it supports letter-spacing. No need to specify exactly how much - we will find that manually (in-editor) to the winning submissions :smiley:


    Great to hear! Thanks!

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    Wait, I’m confused. So are we making a logotype (just the text), or a logo (text + pics)?

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    So do we submit it in its own post, or do we submit it here?

    Ok, I’ll go first:
    LogoConcept1 LogoConcept1Blank

    (Inspired by London Southend)
    Font: BebasNeue Regular
    Font Hex: 000000

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    Logo inspired by my city’s airport logo


    Font: BebasNeue Bold

    Colors: #9c363c (Red), #ffffff (White)


    Well, here’s one I thought would look better than it does…




    Not sure how I feel about this one. may tweak it a bit…



    ACEO Airport Logotype Design #1 by TwoCflyer

    With the big bird update arriving soon, here is my wide body, ultra long haul, international airport logo tribute! With the expansive blue ocean they will soar over, I introduce to you their origin or destination airport logo:

    Blue Globe

    generic, no IATA

    Design Inspirations

    Logo inspiration from:

    Clipart used:

    Color Gradient in Gimp called “Deep Sea” I edited to use the 2nd one…
    Original Gradient:

    Edited Gradient:



    Black, Grey & White Background Samples

    Black Background


    Grey Background


    White Background



    LogoConcept2 LogoConcept2Blank
    Font: BebasNeue Regular
    Font Hex: ec1c24


    ACEO Airport Logotype Design #2 by TwoCflyer

    UPDATE: added white layer below aircraft to make it pop and match the “International” text.
    UPDATE: @Alexander would this be disqualified because the IATA letters are “separated”? should I edit/recreate this one?

    In the heart of the Southwest, JTX, Joshua Tree International is busy sending passengers to their destinations and bringing them home to the warm days and cool nights. Its the only city around as its surrounded by nothing but sandstone, rocks, and the occasional Joshua Tree and cacti for miles; so they only have one major international airport. I introduce you to their desert themed airport logo:

    Southwest Desert

    Font: Bebas Neue Bold
    Color: White (FFFFF)

    Design Inspirations

    Squares Idea came from adobe style brick made buildings.

    Clipart Used:


    Colors from:

    Option 1:

    AirportLogo_SouthwestIATA AirportLogo_SouthwestNOIATA

    Option 2:

    AirportLogo_Southwest2IATA AirportLogo_Southwest2NOIATA


    Hi, I sending the airport logo. I created two and it is up to you that you like.
    font: BebasNeue Bold

    aceologo aceologoempty aceologoye aceologoyeee


    Here is one I have been working on…


    there are 58 planes in this, and the shape is inspiration from a control tower.

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    ACEO Aiport Logotype Design #1

    Inspired by the Airport CEO main menu and the flip departure boards of the olden day

    Main Design


    Alternative Design




    No Text

    Main Design


    Alternative Design


    Font: BebasNeue Bold
    Font Color: #ffffff


    ACEO Airport Logotype Design #3 by TwoCflyer

    UPDATE: Fixed IATA letters so they were not separated, adjusted outer framing (wasn’t even on both sides & made corners more rounded) & centered all text.

    We move a little further east and into Farmland (FLD), where you find crops as far as the eyes can see. Here you may find all different size airports from, small fields, to midsize airports, all the way to international metropolitans! I introduce to you their home airport logo:


    Font: OpenSans Ultra-Bold

    Font Color:

    • HEX #584c33
    • RGB: 88, 76, 51

    Design Inspirations

    Logo Inspiration from:

    Clipart Used (created by me)

    Colors from:

    Option 1 as FIELD:

    Farmland_Field_IATA Farmland_Field_NoIATA

    Option 2 as AIRPORT:

    Farmland_Airport_IATA Farmland_Airport_NoIATA

    Option 3 as INTERNATIONAL:

    Farmland_International_IATA Farmland_International_NoIATA


    ACEO Airport Logotype Design #4 by TwoCflyer

    As we move further northeast, we hit the coastline with massive trees and lighthouses. Local sailors gaze up and watch the aircraft depart from Northern Coast Airport (NCO), as they pass over them, on the way across the pond to Europe. I introduce to you their home airport logo:

    Northern Coast

    Font: OpenSans Ultra-Bold

    Font Color:

    • HEX #719094
    • RGB: 113, 144, 148

    Design Inspirations

    Logo Inspiration from:
    None, just imagined what would be on a north coast, trees, rocky ocean coast, & light house.

    Colors from:
    I then lowered the entire image exposure when the layers were combined (except the boarder and AIRPORT/IATA Text)

    Clipart Used (created by me)

    AirportLogo_NorthernCoastIATA AirportLogo_NorthernCoastNoIATA

    Okay, I’m gonna take break as I fly across the pond and see what others come up with! Keep em coming CEOs!!!

    Where should I land first in Europe? Help me pick a theme (it won’t be a specific place as im keeping these logos I create generic, but help me get inspiration. Feel free to DM me or respond in my ABQ Airport Topic… link below

    TwoC’s ABQ Airport Topic LINK