Regarding community contests

Another contest without award presentation? scnr

What do you mean?

Screenshot contest awarding only after you got remembered a long time after it.

Test airport contest still not being awarded as far as I know. Not even officially cancelled cause of multi floor update. So the contest is still pending. Or did I miss something?

Well, just like everything else

Yeah, we made a statement in this topic around two weeks ago: Update on Test Airport?

That still applies, we’re looking at the airports right now in relation to preparation of a new trailer video, so although heavily delayed (which we apologized for, and I for sure do apologize again) it’s in the works. That contest essentially got squeezed badly due to the introduction of multiple-floors, this is after all an early access project and things change quickly.

Regardless, this topic should be about the logos and not about this so I will break out these post in a separate topic! :slight_smile:


… only after being remembered to an old, still pending contest again. Thanks for the prove.