The Airport CEO Business Design Contest [Cafes/Restaurants/Bars]

Cafes/Restaurants/Bars Only!

Only post submissions in this thread! For comments, post those in the main thread!

After the success of the Airport CEO Airline Design Contests we are happy to announce yet another opportunity for you to make your mark on Airport CEO! The Airport CEO Business Design Contest is the second opportunity you as a player have to implement your own business into the game! The winners will receive a free copy of Airport CEO and a special honorary forum badge.

We are currently missing logos for most businesses in the game. We would like to focus on testing rather than spending a lot of time on creating the required 40 to 50 logos. Therefore, we are asking you to get creative and help out by contributing to the game! This time the concept will be a bit different from the airline design contest: There will not be a community vote, instead we will pick logos which we seem fit for Airport CEO. Of course, you are more than welcome to help us in the process by liking any logos you like in the forum thread as it could help us choose but ultimately we will make the final call.


Come up with a concept for a business or brand you’d like to see in the game. We’re looking for a company or brand name, the logo in .psd or .png file format, a short description, tagline or sales pitch of the company or brand as well as a the name of the company’s CEO.

We are looking for a good mix of business within these categories…

  • Cheap (a company which just wants to sell low quality products for lowest price possible)
  • Small (small company with a couple of employees,
  • Medium (has fairly large business in home country and possibly neighboring countries)
  • Large (big global cooperation)
  • Exclusive (not necessarily a large company but targets wealthy people)

… within these industries (the number indicates the approximate number of logos we need)…

  • Restaurants/Cafes (around 20)
  • Shops (around 20)
  • Construction Companies (3-5)
  • Banks ( 3, a small, a medium and a large)
  • Aviation Fuel Suppliers (3-5)


  • Come up with a business name and short background story that you think might fit in the game. Your business should be specified in an industry and business category.
  • Download the design below template (PSD or PNG) and apply the logo. We strongly recommend using Adobe Photoshop (trial version can be obtained).
  • All external content must be 100% free to use commercially. If you are unsure, do not use! Very important! We have seen some logos with copyright protected material and we will not be able to accept them in because of that. Use a safe website like or for external content.
  • Logo and name must not be similar to existing companies or brands.
  • You are welcome to post several designs but as always, we value quality over quantity.
  • All logos must use the provided template.
  • Designers who gets their logo(s) selected will receive one free copy of Airport CEO and a special honorary forum badge.
  • Remember that the logo will be downsized in the game. Try not to add small text as it will not be readable. Also try to keep the logo as square as possible.
  • One submission per post (please fix multiple submissions and divide them into the correct categories)

Templates can be found here.


Submit your entry in a post below using the following format:

[Upload you logo in Logo in PNG or similar]

Name: [company or brand name]

Category: [industry (café, shop etc), category (cheap, medium etc)]

Description: [a short description, tagline or sales pitch. Try to keep it short (approx. 3 to 4 sentences]

CEO Name: [the name of the company or brand CEO]

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Name: Hilltop café

Category: café, cheap

description: Hilltop café is a cheap café brand. The company was founded in 2009. The medium big company sells café and small snacks.

CEO name: Alexander Forster.

Good luck to everyone :slight_smile:


Name: Cart Noodle · Hong Kong

Category: Small Restaurant

Description: Noodle that used to sell on roadside by cart in Hong Kong during 1950s. Hong Kong’s Cultural Icon. Wide types of ingredients and noodles are provided

CEO Name: Alex Lam

LINK TO SOURCE : mybrain://left_brain/cell204864/ACEO/icon_creation/the_icon_is_completely_made_by_me.jpg


Name: SwiftVeg

Category: Food, medium

Description: SwiftVeg is a brand new chain of small vegetarian restaurants. They focus primarily on serving vegetarian/organic food that their customers can eat quickly. The restaurants can be found at busy places like airports, train stations etc.

CEO Name: The swedish chef Vincent Lundin


Name : Donhut

Category : Café / Food

Description : Small startup in India by an Employee kicked out from an IT industry who fell in love with Donuts abroad wanted to open in India and eventually became successful and recently acquired license to open in your Airport.
100% Vegetarian. 100% Homemade.

CEO Name : Mervin Clement


Name: Tropical Coffee

Category: Coffee (Large)

Description: Tropical coffee and a great Brazilian restaurant, founded in 1999. With a good service and a great variation of flavors.

CEO Name: Windsor Silva, CEO and founder of Tropical Coofee

Nome : Tropical Café

Categoria : Café( Restaurante) grande

Descrição : Café tropical e um grande restaurante de comida brasileira, fundado em 1999. Com um bom atendimento e uma grande variação de sabores.

CEO Nome: Windsor Silva,CEO e Fundador do Tropical Café


Name: Bite

Category: Medium Food Shop

Description: Bite will always satisfy your hunger, providing you with freshly made sandwiches and baguettes. Always on the go, you’ll always choose bite - because you know you will get a quality chew.

CEO Name: Rose Farefell


Name: Ziti’s
Category: Cafe, Medium
Description: A quick serve Italian eatery focusing on Pasta.
CEO: Janice Brock


Name: La French

Category: Café/Bakery, Medium

Description: It’s a chain of Café and Bakery. “La French” is providing some of the best French speciality such as the famous “Croissant” since 1979.
-As the ovens warm up, we begin baking each tray of dough and soon the nice aroma of butter, sweet fruits, cheeses and dough fill our bakery and cafe.

CEO: Paul Martin


Name: Petit Bisou
Category: Cafe, Large
Description: A french bakery specializing in “small kiss” pastries. Known worldwide for there Beignets, which are made fresh in-store.
CEO: Chistian Jeannot


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Name: Shack of Snacks

Category: Cafe, Cheap/Medium

Description: Snack store/restaurant with various affordable healthy snacks, coffee, smoothies, but also a few deluxe edibles.

CEO Name: Hunter Ross


Name: City-State Coffee

Category: Cafe / Large Company

Description: As franchise business, different branches “war” amongst themselves to compete in revenue via live-updating scoreboards between branches. Customers can also vote on new drink flavors and shun less popular ones off the menu. At City-State, smart governance isn’t just a way of life, its also a good way to start the morning.

CEO Name: Lisa Margo


Name: The Five Starving Dogs’s Bar&Grill

Category: Medium.Bar&Grill Restaurant

description: The Five Starving Dogs’s Bar&Grill is a Restaurant that was established in 1982. The Brand’s image is very well known in this business… The Five Starving Dogs Bar&Grill” is a restaurant and bar offering cuisine that’s markedly more thoughtful and ambitious than what you find at your neighborhood sports bar or old-fashioned pub.

CEO name: AdrianAlexandrov.

Good luck to everyone

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Name : Beer Xperience

Category : Bar / Cafe, Small

Description : “Beer Xperience” is a small lounge bar where you can buy beers from our large variety. We only sell beers from small producers all around the world but you can also come to drink other beverages (wine, cocktails, coffee, tea, softdrinks,…) to enjoy our original cosy decoration.
Every week, we introduce you to a new beer from one of the airport’s destination.

CEO : Brad Cunnigan

Link :


Name: Sushi Concept
Category: Restaurant, expensive

Description: Sushi Concept is a listed company providing fresh, premium sushi. With sashimi imported daily. The company is founded in 2000.

CEO Name: Adam Lustri


Name: Café Aristocratic
Category: cafe, exclusive
Description: Café Aristocratic is an exclusive, but even small café brand. Since 1892 they sell only the finest coffees and snacks to their customers. In the year 1997, Café Aristocratic started to operate in First Class Lobbies in some of the biggest airports in the world.
CEO Name: Niklas Nolte


Name: Lemon Tree
Category: Medium Juice & Smoothies Bar

description: LEMON TREE Juice & Smoothies bars are the positive option in healthy choices for the active person on the go. We serve up a selection of the best tasting fresh juices and smoothies in a fun environment that will leave you wanting more

CEO name: Adrian Alexandrov


Name of Brand:Elephante
Description:Elephante Restaurant is a executive Thai fine dining restaurant which is founded during the 50’s.It started as a very small restaurant in Chiang Mai,Thailand.That’s why Elephante is the name of the restaurant because In Thailand,Elephant is their National Animal and It is a very unique name.The restaurant specialize Thai dishes like Tom Yum Soup,Tom Kha Khai(Coconut Soup),Pad Thai and Gaeng Daeng(Red Curry).After few decades,The restaurant has already 900 branches in 6 continent inculding UAE,Qatar,Kuwait,Netherlands,UK,USA,Canada,Hong-kong,Bangkok and Ireland. It will expand through Asia and Europe.
CEO Owner:Marc Chaisurivirat