The Airport CEO Business Design Contest [Aviation Fuel Suppliers]

Aviation Fuel Suppliers Only!

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After the success of the Airport CEO Airline Design Contests we are happy to announce yet another opportunity for you to make your mark on Airport CEO! The Airport CEO Business Design Contest is the second opportunity you as a player have to implement your own business into the game! The winners will receive a free copy of Airport CEO and a special honorary forum badge.

We are currently missing logos for most businesses in the game. We would like to focus on testing rather than spending a lot of time on creating the required 40 to 50 logos. Therefore, we are asking you to get creative and help out by contributing to the game! This time the concept will be a bit different from the airline design contest: There will not be a community vote, instead we will pick logos which we seem fit for Airport CEO. Of course, you are more than welcome to help us in the process by liking any logos you like in the forum thread as it could help us choose but ultimately we will make the final call.


Come up with a concept for a business or brand you’d like to see in the game. We’re looking for a company or brand name, the logo in .psd or .png file format, a short description, tagline or sales pitch of the company or brand as well as a the name of the company’s CEO.

We are looking for a good mix of business within these categories…

  • Cheap (a company which just wants to sell low quality products for lowest price possible)
  • Small (small company with a couple of employees,
  • Medium (has fairly large business in home country and possibly neighboring countries)
  • Large (big global cooperation)
  • Exclusive (not necessarily a large company but targets wealthy people)

… within these industries (the number indicates the approximate number of logos we need)…

  • Restaurants/Cafes (around 20)
  • Shops (around 20)
  • Construction Companies (3-5)
  • Banks ( 3, a small, a medium and a large)
  • Aviation Fuel Suppliers (3-5)


  • Come up with a business name and short background story that you think might fit in the game. Your business should be specified in an industry and business category.
  • Download the design below template (PSD or PNG) and apply the logo. We strongly recommend using Adobe Photoshop (trial version can be obtained).
  • All external content must be 100% free to use commercially. If you are unsure, do not use! Very important! We have seen some logos with copyright protected material and we will not be able to accept them in because of that. Use a safe website like or for external content.
  • Logo and name must not be similar to existing companies or brands.
  • You are welcome to post several designs but as always, we value quality over quantity.
  • All logos must use the provided template.
  • Designers who gets their logo(s) selected will receive one free copy of Airport CEO and a special honorary forum badge.
  • Remember that the logo will be downsized in the game. Try not to add small text as it will not be readable. Also try to keep the logo as square as possible.
  • One submission per post (please fix multiple submissions and divide them into the correct categories)

Templates can be found here.


Submit your entry in a post below using the following format:

[Upload you logo in Logo in PNG or similar]

Name: [company or brand name]

Category: [industry (café, shop etc), category (cheap, medium etc)]

Description: [a short description, tagline or sales pitch. Try to keep it short (approx. 3 to 4 sentences]

CEO Name: [the name of the company or brand CEO]

Name: Forward Fuel

Category: Fuel, Medium

Description: Danish Aircraft technician Alexander Bruus originally started off his company Fast Fuel as a service for his nearest friends and colleagues, but saw great potential and quickly went worldwide in very few years.

CEO Name: Alexander M.J.H. Bruus


Name: Transton Fuel
Category: Fuel Small
Description: Established in 1987, this fuel supply company prides itself with being black and white in terms of its service and quality of fuel (hence the simple logo with the fuel standing out). Their smaller size allows them to connect better with smaller airports. Transton Fuel believes in Transporting Tons while keeping costs low.
CEO: Nate Shirey


Name: Aerocombustivel ( Aero fuel)
Category: Fuel Medium
Descriptio: Aerocombunstivel is a Brazilian company that has the lowest fuel price in relation to its competitors. And by having a good price and a good fuel companies always seek it.
CEO: Windsor Silva


Name: DVF Oil
Category: Aviation Fuel Supplier (Exclusive)
Description: At DVF we prioritise efficiency, durability and environmental responsibility. Our premium Jet A-1 and Jet B fuel provide longer range, higher engine reliability and lower emissions. DVF is the prime solution for leading airlines wishing to deliver quality experience for their customers.
CEO Name: Dennis Stanton


Name: Jet Fuel
Categroy: Aviation Fuel Supplier, Large
Description: Jet Fuel is a kerosine producer and supplier for all kerosine types such as Jet A1, A-1, B, etc. It’s a subcompany from a large Airport in Germany. The headquater is based in Hamburg, Germany. Due to the location they export large amounts of fuel to Airports all around the world. Because of the “german engineering” the research of new technologies to produce fuel the quality is always ahead of it’s time. The company was founded in 1947.
CEO Name: Oliver Schneider


Name: Black and White Chemical Corporation

Category: Aviation Fuel Supplier (If necessary, category is Large (big global cooperation))

Description: Company established in 2011 for supplying different kinds of aviation fuels for Middle East airfields… In 2016 company had many fuel processing/storaging and distributing facilities around Asia, Europe and North America airports.

CEO Name: Adib Wahhab


Name: Fuel LinQ

Category: Medium Fuel Supplier

Description: Fuel LinQ provides airplane fuel with an eye for nature! By investing in modern fuel saving technologies and bio fuel we provide not only fair priced fuel but an equally fair image.

CEO Name: Bart Beumer

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Just a small try :),

Name: AirFuel Excellence Ltd.
Category: Aviation Fuel Supplier, Exclusive
Description: Since it’s establishment in 1992, AirFuel Excellence has been well-known as an exclusive fuel supplier providing a topnotch product.
CEO: Tom van Tanken


Name: X-Fuel
Category: Aviation Fuel Supplier, Medium Company
Description: X-Fuel is a medium sized company. It is a very competitive company. It supplies fuel to airports/airfields in the most environmentally friendly way possible. It’s slogan is “Jetting Towards the Future” which means it wants to support the environment to protect it for the future.
CEO: Ben Williams


Name: FAIR (Fuel 2 Air)
Category: Medium - Large Aviation Fuel Suppliers
Description: Fuel 2 Air is a new aviation fuel supplier on the market but gained alot of contracts over Europe due to great prices. The company has been questioned about quality and how it affects performance on the aircrafts, but will always deliver to a low price! Good fuel doesnt have to cost big money!
CEO Name: A. Sundberg

There is a save file in layers if needed as well.


Selected Design :star:

Name: Zip Fuel
Category: Aviation Fuel Supplier, Medium
Description: Zip Fuel was founded in 1959. Originally a military supplier they’ve since diversified into general aviation industry. Offering bulk fuel to FBOs and private storage facilities.
CEO: Rex Rhodes


Name: The Oil Company

Category: Cheap & small aviation fuel supplier

Description: “The Oil Company” is that kind of supplier that nobody knows. If you tried looking for their office in the middle of nowhere to complain about the late deliveries and poor quality, you would find nothing because it doesn’t actually exist. But at least their fuel is cheap - very CHEAP! Cheaper than everyone else’s.

CEO name: unknown, you just get mail by someone of the name “Peter” but you have no idea who that actually is.


Name: Green Barrel

Category: Aviation Fuel Supplier, Small

Description: “Green Barrel” is a company for the production and storage of bio fuel for use in civil aviation. Slightly known in Europe.

CEO Name: Alex De Smet


Selected Design :star:

Name: NatureFuel
Category: Aviation Fuel Supplier,medium size.
Description: NatureFuel is an medium sized fuel supplier. The CEO Robin Watson founded the company in 2012. The most important thing is using biofuel and “Saving tomorrow’s earth, today”. It has spread across the world!
CEO Name: Robin Watson

Note: The quote can me removed from the logo.


Selected Design :star:

Name: AviFuel

Category: Large Aviation Fuel Supplier

Description: Big global cooperation supplying aviation fuel for all types of aircraft. Leading in fuel processing technologies and always delivers high quality fuel. The fuel processed by AviFuel has documented to give better engine performance and fuel efficiency.

CEO Name: Laura Mallot


Name: Poplar BioFuels

Category: Aviation Fuel Supplier, Exclusive

Description: The best biofuel, recent research suggests, is derived from the poplar tree. Poplar Biofuels provides ultra-low carbon emission fuels to appropriate airports that can afford them. A global company; it tailors to airports across the globe.

CEO Name: Kari Bachman



Name: Care Fuel

Category: Aviation Fuel (Medium)


CEO Name: Joseph Ringbakken