Template for Flight Schedule

Just thought about the flight scheduling and that, as it is now, it becomes a repetitive task. So maybe one could implement a template system, where players just define the different time slots for the whole week (and signs the contracts with the airlines) and the coo then puts the actual flights in these slots automatically. This way, I wouldn’t have to drag&drop and finetune every two to three ingame-days.

Didn’t check, if this has been suggested before - if so, pls ignore.

I agree there definitely needs to be an option to allow AI to schedule flights it’s tedious

Right. But optimising arrivals and departures for different stands could be fun, cause depending where you build them and how long it takes the planes to taxi around, the schdule looks different. So theres a very dynamic gameplay feature, wich i like. Its just this drag&drop that i dont really enjoy…

Fredrik just confirmed that this update is coming in the next few days!

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Wow, really? Thats awesome! :smile:

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Did he explain what “flight planning changes” mean?

Not really, but it’s heavily anticipated that recurring flights will come soon. So, it is probably this

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@Jettuh Heres the thread @Ellipsis is referring to:
Many ideas for Airport CEO


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