Many ideas for Airport CEO

Problem: I hate repairing every single stand frequently, it takes so much time. The money doesn’t matter though.
Solution: Can we have a mass repair button which repairs every stand?

Problem: Huge amounts of frame drops and low general framerate (3fps) when the airport becomes big.
Solution: Be able to disable viewing of 25%/50%/75% of passengers to improve performance.

Problem: Little room in airport to build extra medium stands for commercial use. There’s no way for passengers to get to stands which aren’t connected to the terminal.
Solution: Can we get a shuttle system implemented?

Problem: Tiles are too small. I can’t expand my airport.
Solution: In sandbox mode, have an option to include all tiles, or have extra tiles as a procurement.

Problem: Flight planning is a bit boring.
Solution: Auto schedule which places all available flights in the planner.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

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Great suggestions. :slight_smile:

I can quickly comment on a few ones.

  • Automatic repairs are done if you have a COO.
  • You can expand the world by doing some changes in your save files
  • Flight planning changes are planned for this weekend.


Thanks. How can I expand the world on Mac? I can’t find the save files in the Airport CEO folder and subfolders?


Flight planning changes are planned for this weekend.


I wonder how it will be :smiley:

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I wonder how it will be :smiley:
Me too! :slight_smile:

Maybe something like this? :thinking: :wink:
Template for Flight Schedule

I am excited for thew change!!

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