Supplies to the shops in the airport

will there be an area where will have to deal with the deliverer of supplies to the shops inside the airport and of new equipment ? or will they just regenerate over time?

Funny you should ask, I’m currently abstracting some legacy code that’ll enable us implementing just this. We’ve began implementing the concept of “assets”, so for example each tool, bag or perhaps in the future, a shop commodity, is now an asset and they all are as we speak getting a bunch of different powerful characteristics and functions.

We’ll probably abstract out supply of construction materials (as we’ve said, its going to take too long time to build the airport otherwise) but simulating supply and demand of store’s commodities would be fun. The issue is not implementing it, but making it run smoothly with the already existing complexities of the operations of the airport.


Aw :frowning: i understand you cant use realtime construction, but the need to plan ahead was appealing to me. Maybe a setting like in Space Engineers where you can set build times to x1 x2 x5 or x10?

I think you might need to start a new thread for that question to get answered. :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’m just rewatching video 1 and came to the creation of the shop. Is there any update on how stock will be managed?

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Well, roughly 90% or something like that is implemented to simulate stock levels. What’s missing is the actual reduction of a goods which is a few lines of code and then the in-terminal delivery from the delivery site to the shop which also should be pretty easy. However we won’t due this now because that means more variables thrown into the mix and right now we need to get the game out and testing it to see where it needs balancing. When the gameplay is stable, we can introduce stuff like this and since we thankfully invested a lot of time early on in building a generic delivery system implementing this will be quite easy.

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That all sounds really promising; and thanks for the quick reply!

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