Supplier purchases?

Hey everyone

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My Airport’s economy constantly takes a nose dive, usually after doing some construction

I wait until I have at least double what I need, then build let’s say my large run way.
The cost is taken away, but then for quite a long time after, day and day, my supplier purchases skyrocket and I loose all my savings

What exactly makes up supplier purchases
And if they are connected to construction why are they not included in the advertised cost of the item?

You’ll see in the photo, supplier purchases are close to $100k per day
I built a section of terminal that was about $500k
At the time I had $1.9m

Any insight?


First: are you building objects like fuel depots that need fuel? I have not seen this! @Olof Does construction material have cost?

Also @Tocon you know you can make screenshots :grinning::

I am sure that ‘Supplier Purchases’ is deliveries of consumables, like jet fuel, de-icing fluid and food for the catering place.

I already had fuel depots set up long before so no reason for them to have increased so significantly

And yes, I’m fully aware of how to take screenshots, I’m posting on my phone and felt it easier to take the pic that way than have to screenshot upload when there’s a handy button right there. The photo is visible as is right?
Let’s stick to the topic

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Yeah, I would have thought so,
Currently I only have fuel set up

No catering or cleaning

Any insight into this @Fredrik?

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I’ve played the game for another 2 hours since,
Just letting it run as is to earn money to build

My funds went from the $185 in the pic above, to about $400 or so,
And now they’re at -$1650!

I’ve not built anything, been fined, taken loans, or anything else!
My supplier purchases are hitting over $100k a day

How can I balance that? I don’t have funds to build to bring in more money, and I’m just constantly loosing money randomly like this?

So weird 🤷🏼

And just again to show,
In the last 15min I’ve lost $100k
I’m now at -$172k

The only thing that’s different are the supplier purchases
All other income and expenditure is per normal

Are you actually seeing things get restocked or is this number always like this and there isn’t actually that many things getting restocked?

The only thing I have that could be restocked is fuel

They’re getting restocked yes, but nothing changed between me constructing new terminal foundation and afterwards that would have increased the demand double and triple what it was before

It just seems this supplier purchases figure exponentially skyrockets after a large construction job and stays high for weeks in the game

I hit about -$800k and finally just demolished the terminal I had laid, getting refunded slightly for that.
Then I sold the extra fuel tanks I had, so not it’s just the depots
I sold any extra vehicles
And increased all the fees

Finally I gained enough to get out of the red and now about 5 days later I’m starting to see profit again

But supplier purchases are still $81k a day

Could you report it as a bug and post the issue number here so that I can take a closer look at your save?

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Do you have an Oil Crisis while any of the supplier spikes happen?

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Yes for sure



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Frederik can re-open, when is known whats up.