How to take a screenshot and post it on forum!

Here is a 2020 how to take a screenshot and post it on forum tutorial!! By using screenshots you can get some nice looking photos! Note: this is a windows guide only.

Taking and finding the photo folder

To take the screenshot press F12. Now open up steam (If its not open already) and scroll down until you see this:

Then click on manage my __ screenshots. Then a page will pop up and look at bottom of that pop-up. Click the botton “Show on disk”. A screenshot folder will show up. Then take the file on the bottom and click and drag it on to the new forum post!


I organize screenshots in floder! You don’t need to. Wherever you want, make a folder and call it what you want (I called it ACEO forum). Then I create a folder in that for every post that have screenshot but you can skip that. Then from the original file CTRL+C screenshot and CTRL+V it into the folder where you want it. Then I rename them but it doesn’t matter if you do. Then click and drag the screenshot to your forum post.

Thats it, just a short guide. Hope this helped :slightly_smiling_face:. Feel free to comment on this and show it to others.