Strike?!? I think

So i havent played my game in aweek or so, but i got all the updates and now, none of my staff seem to want to work. they are there but dont want to work, and because of that, security checkpoints and desks and everything needs employees… they are hired and present but on strike??? I don’t know. i had to f10 to refuel my depot because the planes wouldnt even refuel… Planes will now refuel but thats it… HELP!!!


Security too…

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Indeed, that is a problem I experience as well. Especially egregious when you first load your airport. Eventually, the Security folks wander to their posts after stuffing their faces with stale doughnuts and cold coffee.

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it’s because the game has to get paths for everyone when you first load it, I find the people in the toilets and staff get their paths last.

Now you mention this, we should be able to set a prio queue by PAX/staff action type, that would be awesome, like the “job forfullment queue” in Ceasar III. I would set security staff pathfinding on 1, most delays for me occur due to understaffed security posts.

The promised that with the new pathfinding system pathing queues aren’t even a thing anymore :wink:

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They did promise that with vehicles, they did no such promise for path-finding with PAX, I challenged Olof, but he did not bite. Cant find the post to quote it :frowning:.

So like I waited 2 hours real time and there’s nothing changed

I was able to fix the problem in F10 and now it’s like a smooth machine again


Anyone else have the Drive Up Information Desk? lol


No, we did promise that. Here’s the quote (from the 25.4 thread):

Do you have a save where this occurs? Would very much like to take a look at it!

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I wish I did however once my airport staff answered their question about Airport parking they drove right off lol :slight_smile: actually in F10 I reset the road nodes and it drove right away