Start a new airport by selling the old one

I asked the devs once and if i remember correctly they liked the idea so i would like to get feedback by the community
My idea was that you could build your airport do whatever you want and the bigger / more popular your airport gets the more money is it worth
Maybe you are done with your airport at one point you don’t want to build anything else to it or something so you could sell your airport for said worth and start a new airport with the profit you made by selling the old one
(Yes i made a overcomplicated version instead of saying yeah just like prison architect :d )


Yea I like that idea it also be a way of learning from your mistakes and build a better airport from your previous one :slight_smile:

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Yes this needs to be part of the game!! @Olof @Fredrik

Speaking of the devs, they’ve been quiet this weekend. Perhaps busy putting final touches on the game ?:stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, We getting closer every day :grinning:

I’ve never understood this feature… It was in Prison Architect and I used it once before thinking that I’d just removed half the point of the game and started again with the normal amount of money :slight_smile:

Each to their own


To have the option tho whoud be nice

I like this idea, though you can actually extend this a further. Say, instead of selling the airport, you would pick one of your staff or hire a General Manager to replace you. Then, you take out some funds from your own coffer and start a new airport. The difference being that your starting money depends on the amount of funds you take, but over time, you will receive additional income from your previous airport. That way, the more successful airport you can consecutively manage, the easier it is to create newer airports.

EDIT: To add more merit, this could play well into the more “Corporate” side of things, essentially talking about the structure of the corporation/body/management, such as standardizing fuel supplier of multiple airports, centralizing the financing, etc.

This is eerily similar to this suggestion though.

That is a great idea honestly.

It’s not really realistic though. How many airport CEOs sell an airport they don’t actually own anyway, and go somewhere else, buy land and build a new one? Usually airports are located where government wants them and government provides funds to build them.

I’d prefer that if an airport is run well, the CEO is “headhunted” and offered a better paying position to start up a new airport for the government. Given so much money to get started, and some objectives to meet.


Same deal, other flavor text :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree. I would like this as well.

Learning from mistakes while also moving forward is a great thing in a game. I would like that opportunity in ACEO as well.

This feature is not needed at this stage of game. U want to start new?? Simply start a new game with more money.

Prison architect is feature rich. So it’s better to start with more money in same game, bcoz the other settings like (Riot probability, etc.) don’t change. There are tons of things that affect the gameplay. So if u increase money in a new game, it becomes easier (Easy difficulty), which many don’t like.

ACEO has not reached that point. So it’s better to change the starting money in a new game rather than starting a new airport in the same game.
It’s the two different ways of doing same thing.


At this stage, yes, we don’t need to discuss this.

But should that mean we shouldn’t throw around ideas regarding the end game?

Did I tell to stop discussing??

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