Being promoted to another airport after meeting certain goals (Career Mode)

I think is not really the purpose of the game as of yet, but it would be cool to have (in the future, of course) another game option, like a Career Mode, where the CEO could be promoted!

Let’s say you start in your own small airport and have some goals to achieve: X passengers, Y flights per day, Z budget, and so on. Your performance being such an amazing CEO will catch the attention of other companies and they will offer you a job in another airport, as in real life. This new airport could be a random player’s airport from the steam store, for example. New set of goals would need to be met in this new airport in order to be promoted again!

I think is a great idea to see my airport being ran by other players and see how they handle the problems in the way I planned my airport. Additionally, this progression through new airports ads an extra level of challenge to the game, as you need to focus in your career as well!

Anyway, I would love some input from the community about it!


Sounds pretty cool i like it :+1:

I think this could be a nice feature down the road.
So at the 1st level, you start with a small airport and handle say 30 flights and 500 passengers, expand from 2 to 5 gates and have ratings above certain amount. As you go up the levels, the airports get bigger and bigger, and they are more inefficient and more in loss, and you have to find a way to get them to earn money and bring up your ratings.

To that end, the levels should be carefully chosen each progressively more challenging than the previous, and each time with a new/special trick/tricks that you need to master in order to succeed. Say in one, you may need to completely reorganize the interior to smooth passenger flow, in another, maybe you would need to redo the taxiways and service roads to improve turnaround times.

Like the PA missions which teach you the mechanics. Good idea for the future

Maybe you could get airports with bigger problems (not enough security stations, bad design or something) the further you get and your task would be to manage them to take care of those problems to make it a well working airport

This could be done with a forum exchange here. Start the airport, save it, create goals, upload it to the forum, and other people can use it and finish the job. Best of all, no need to spend developer resources on this kind of feature.


Career. The word you’re looking for is Career. Career Mode.

Yes, I like the idea very much. I think such a mode would be a good tutorial for the game. You work through a few airports and each one shows you how to play the game. But I love the idea of being able to take random airports from other players and continue where they left off, which has much more longevity than a linear story.

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Very theme hospital like. Very nice idea :slight_smile:

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@pderuiter Exactly!

That’s what I like about this game it’s a culmination of lots of other simulator and management games like: Prison Architect, Simairport , Theme hospital, rimworld and on and on… That’s what makes this game special as it learns from the previous games mistakes and strives to improve on their already good premise. Plus I like aviation!


inb4 people tell you Simairport came second :wink:

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@Bigbigcheese shhh… We can still learn from its many MANY mistakes!

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