Stand closure and the effects

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is it a bug that after I close a stand all assigned vehicles going back to the parking lot and if I open the stand again all vehicles lost their allocations?

Dont like that because I think the vehicle adjustment is due to the unusal view (very small) and the slow scrolling and atm the missing filter options (mixed small and medium stands without logical order) hard to adjust everytime.

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You made a point :slight_smile:
But imho it’s not a bug.
Allocation of vehicles is cumbersome in general, for now.
And sorting of stands at vehicle assignment is a tragedy of bad micromanagement.

Nevertheless I think it’s good that vehicles are going back to general pool, if stand is closed, as any other way would probably lead to chaos… :wink:

I’m just missing the possibility in the details of a parking lot to see all assigned vehicles (not just those currently parked there) as well as assigning vehicles right from that view.

At the beginning I also had all possible vehicles parked at the stands (causing some chaos because sometimes it works with catering trucks and sometimes it doesn’t) but then ended up building underground lots for everything, thus needing less vehicles in total. The only ones still attached to a stand are the pushback trucks.
For 16 stands, I managed to get along with 14 baggage trucks and belt loader (never all of them used, but I like having a few spare ones) as well as 8 cleaning and catering trucks. Fuel trucks should be just about 5-6 I think (not sure yet, but don’t need many because refueling is fast).

I made a post about it here : Service vehicles problems (multiples reports, long post).
Also a small neat feature I just discovered today and you might like (until the scrolling is fixed), you can drag the most scrollable menu, making it easy to navigate the list, also there is a scrollbar on the right side of the vehicles parking/depot/stand list.

@Demongornot: The scrollbar I know and use already but doesn’t make it more comfortable to me:)

@Gerwanese: I put on every stand one type of each vehicle to increase the turnaround speed but I have still a lot of delays :smiley: (2 gas trucks, 1 belt loader, 1 pushback and 1 baggage truck)

When you assign the vehicles to the stand, you might need two baggage trucks. One for arriving baggage and one for departing baggage. For me baggage always tended to cause delays, that was why I started with the parking lots.
Of course delays can have other reasons as well, like the typical “no boarding staff” issue.

I allocate only one baggage truck to the stand. The departure baggage will be picked up through unassigned trucks cause then they dont need to drive from the stand to the bay and backwards. As soon the plane is ready for baggage loading on of my unassigned trucks will pick up directly the baggage then. But well…seems that this is not the issue of delays :frowning:

And this is offtopic…more or less… Everything is lost after closing :smiley: :smiley:

To get back to topic: What about allowing the player to set up a standard config for stands (separate for small and medium, for remote and terminal stands)?
For example when I assign a baggage truck, a pushback truck and a fuel truck to a medium stand, I could open the stand details and then find a button “set standard config”. Then every other stand of the same type would be set to this config by releasing unnecessary vehicles and trying to “catch” the needed ones from unassigned vehicles.
If there are no unassigned vehicles the stand will just go without them (maybe show through a symbol on the stand that requirements are not met). Once you buy new vehicles, those stands will automatically get them.
To allow for special config: Once you do a manual assignment to a stand (without then making it the standard) that stand will be a non-standard stand and not try to automatically assign vehicles anymore as long as you dont define a standard again.

This would help a lot with stand closures/reopenings as well as newly built stands when you don’t have to care about their standard vehicle setting all the time.


Great idea :smiley: :smiley: I really like that idea

Dropping by here just to say that it was a good read and a lot of good ideas! :sunglasses:

takes notes… :pen:


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