Staff Uniforms (Idea)

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Currently writing this sat in Bali airport about to fly to Lombok :slight_smile:

I wanted to quickly build on a previous topic about airline specific items… Airline Specific Objects - #8 by Olof

After just checking in (and following on from the fun airline design contest) I noticed how smart all of the airline specific check in staff are in their uniforms.

Do we think that in Airport CEO the check in staff uniforms can change colour depending on the airline that they are checking in?

Although this will not change the mechanics of the game I think it would look aesthetically pleasing and also help future ceos quickly see which airline is checking in etc.

Let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:



That would be cool

most airport check in staff are actually hired as check-in crew/service reps at airports by airlines

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Alongside this, with the potential of staff rotas I believe being a thing, will staff come into work with casual clothes, change into their work clothes, do their job and then change out of work clothes and go home? Maybe this only applies to security who’d pick up any weapons they might have, or air-side staff who must grab their high vis and batons. Check in staff might come dressed for work.

This facilitates security rooms and air-side staff rooms where the security equipment and marshalling equipment can be kept. Air-side workers could base themselves at a vehicle depot for simplicity, but a staff room and security room zone could be a nice addition.


From my understanding of the current build is that staff don’t go home at the ends of their shift but just go to rest at the staffroom. The post that they have left will he either filled by a rested staff person from the staffroom or if there are none available the staff member will just start working again for another full shift before looking to swop again. It is up to the player to make sure that they have enough staff to let some rest but not to many that lots are idle. Post initial release this might change. It would also be great if there was an option to close posts like check in or security between certain hours if there is a period (lets say over night) when they don’t need to be manned and this would allow staff to rest if you have no flights.

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Yes I think you are right apart from when it is a hub…

Went through Heathrow T5 and the British Airways staff were in BA uniform. Malaysia Airlines at Kuala Lumpur were in Malaysia Airlines uniform. Just passing through Denpasar today and the Garuda Air staff were all in uniform…

…that said I have made plenty of journeys in the past with generic Swissport/Service Air check in staff too :slight_smile:

I believe staff will be working for the airport and assisting passengers of all airlines. But it would be nice that airline contracts required a number of staff that should be designated to work for them. Then staff could have different uniforms, for example wearing the company colors.


I think there’s a challenge here. You see the people top down, meaning you only get a bit of shoulder and a head to work with.
I’d love it if they implemented this, even giving firemen, security, etc, their own colors. But how to make that work and make it separate enough to not look like passengers.

Edit: What would be cool is the staff rooms to allow them to change into their uniform


Great idea with changing into uniform

I was checking the security agents uniform, it’s kind of hard to see any difference from a passenger wearing the same color, so I get your point, may require some effort, but I think is doable.

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