[SOLVED] World Map Issue on Airport Location Selection with New Game

Hello I just got the game and trying to create a new airport… And am stuck on the confirm airport . The world map with airports is not appearing. What should I do?

Welcome to ACEO! This bug has happened to other people before. Here is a link to the topic about this Stuck at Loading Screen

What do you see instead of the world map?

Do you have internet connection?

I think @EG0611 is on it, with the current map solution for Alpha 33 you need to launch the game with internet access at least once to launch and fetch the map. After that the map should load without issues.

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Thanks its solved

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Good to hear! We’ve overhauled the map for Alpha 34 and are looking to having this issue resolved, i.e. a map that is fully packed with the downloaded assembly which should not cause this issue.

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I am glad that the problem have been resolved :blush:

The issue has been solved.

Topic is LOCKED

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