[SOLVED] Large Remote Stands with Jetways

So I came across an issue, perhaps, last night.

I built a large stand with a terminal building next to it over two floors so I could build a jetway.

It eventually let me build it.

But, even with connected service buses passengers were getting annoyed they could not get to the stand.

Is this an issue or have I done something wrong?

Hello, could you provide some screenshots of incedent?

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To me it sounds like you have connected an airside shuttle bus stop when it is placed next to the terminal. I believe it doesn’t need a shuttle bus stop.

Sure, leave it with me. I will get it over soon

That’s correctbut how else will the passengers get to the departure stand if there is no sidewalk to walk all the way there?

A screesnhot of your setup would help a lot.

For me it sounds like you want to build a transfer with busses to another building. Is that correct?

A screenshot would help a lot for sure as @andyc stated

You are correct! Bus to the building where the passengers can board the large stand.

Cheers both and as I stated;

Currently ‘on the clock’ so not loaded the game today.

Bus boarding is only possible to a gate without jet bridge. There you need stair trucks.
A connection/shuttle between two buildings is not available in the game.

I thought that might be the case and that’s OK.

I will resolve this one.


would be cool to have Jetway Bus Boarding!

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