[SOLVED] Insane CPU usage

Hello, i got this game yesterday and my cpu instantly maxed. This has not happend with any other game (cities skylines etc)

Full specs are:

Gtx 1060 6GB
intel i5 7400
16gb of ram

Any help is appriciated.

This issue to being investigated at this very time.


Hello, as Rubble said this is something we’re currently looking into and expect to patch as soon as possible.


Is your fan coming on?

Of course my CPU temperature goes through the roof otherwise hahaha

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Same problem. It’s always above 90% and when it hits 100% my computer just freezes for a moment.

Alpha 29.6-9 just deployed to the experimental branch addressing one aspect of this problem, check it out here: Airport CEO Alpha 29 released - #556

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From skyhawkpilot172

Just loaded into a new game running the latest version on the experimental branch, here are my specs and CPU loads.

iMac: Retina 4K, 21.5-inch, 2017 Model
3.0 GHz i5
8 GB 2400 MHz DDR4
Radeon Pro 555 2048 MB

From the options screen to the main menu, CPU peak at 104%, once at main menu stable at 94%.
Loading into a new game, CPU starts at 7.5%, but increases over time and stays at 95.4%.
Once in the game (at the welcom letter), CPU stablizes at 373%

That does not seem right

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Problem has been fixed! :wink:

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[Problem solved]