[Solved] Buses behave strangly

Hi guys! Ever since the last update the game seems to be behaving strangly when it comes to remote stand buses. After servicing some 3-4 planes on a stand all buses just go to an airside busstop and stay there without an assigned Task. The game doesn’t really seem to notice the buses completely. They Show up in the vehicle menu, but in the Vehicle jobtask menu the buses are underlined red and it says 3 buses hired, Job Tasks 3 - shortage. If i click on the bus it also says Jobtask: None Right now. so the planes don’t get serviced and i have to dismiss the planes manually. furthermore i can’t seem to sell the buses and assigning them to a Depot doesn’t achieve anything. they just stand there on the airside busstop all day as if there were Nothing to be done….
it must be a bug i’d say, or do you guys have a tip as to how to solve the issue.


I can second that. It happened to me yesterday. Unfortunately it was too late already for me to file a bug. Even disconnecting the bus stands from the remote stands (via the check-in desks) and demolishing the bus stands, did not change anything. The buses continued to be visible where the old bus stand was.

so! just filed a bug report

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Can confirm this, are your busses on the same level as the stands? Majority of my busses are underground, but also the levelled busses show the same behaviour. Also see that only 1 passenger is un-boarding, even if a bus is not there. (Bug report ACEO-19467)

yep! that`s exactly the case. there is usually a second bus waiting to unload arrived passangers but the stand is occupied by another idiling bus.

btw, all the remotestand gates are on the ground floor

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Stands can only be build on ground level :wink: What I meant was that the busses are on level -1

Same here. All remote bus gates are on the ground level as are the aircraft stands. I realized the same behaviour with the service cars as well. They idle at the service car parking with no task allocated, and ramp agents present right next to the car.

For all who have this issue, was this an existing game and did you had the boarding desk issue as well?

[ACEO-19342 ] - Passenger cannot access boarding desk if it’s placed on a different floor than the stand

If so please let it know here as that may help the devs to solve the issue. Also if you have not bug reported it yet, please do so and state the ticket number here.

It is an existing game indeed and did not happen before. My remote stand boarding desks are on the same level as the remote stands (ground floor). Currently not able to bug report it, but will do so next week if it is still relevant.

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i reported it, but didn’t write down the ticket. can i somehow retrace the ticketnumber?

indeed, but the gates for the remotestands can be built on different/other Floors. I just wanted to answer your Question that in my particular case the remote stand and their respective gates are on the same Floor :wink:

The question we’re looking for here is this: Are you boarding desks on the same floor as the stand (or shuttle bus stops)?

yes they are

Stands, bus stops and boarding gates are all on the same level (Ground Level).

All right, I will need some bug report numbers then in order to move on.

ACEO 19479

i reported it, but didn’t write down the ticket. can i somehow retrace the ticketnumber?

You can in the log file, but looks like you found it already :slight_smile:

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Great, I think I’ve found and solved the issue. Buses will start moving with the next experimental update later this evening.