Show your own airport

I don’t know what to do, what to discuss and what to write. But i need you to show the your airport. I don’t know maybe i’m very lazy for this. Post the screenshot of your own airport. Despite it was Steam or non-Steam (GOG Version)

Always interesting, so where is yours? :smiley:

this is mine. sorry if the airport is so ugly. what’s yout rating homie?. i use mods

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Simple, large but lot of unused floorspace. :slight_smile:

Thank you for recommendation bro. I appreciate it. So where’s others?

Mine is over here…

But a new one, very similar with some improvements is still in progress.

Yeah i like yours too. 9/10 of course

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and what about everyone?

Go to ACEO community content. There you will find a whole lot of airport examples.

Thank you bro yeah i appreciate it

:+1: you are welcome

I’m on the big map so I had to piece together screenshots so it looks a little janky. 26k passengers in a day is my record right now but that’s only at 65% passenger ratio. I don’t have a crap machine but if I go much above that it really bogs things down a lot and the AI starts completely failing, pathing, refueling etc etc just starts breaking down above that.

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Sweet. That’s cool and good