Separated Toilets

It suprised me there are no topics about this. Will be these separated toilets for men and women? My idea is due to every character will have an ID, it will be known by the game that who is man and who is women is known.

I believe that has already been talked about in this forum.
If you look closely here ( you can see on the 3rd screenshot that it will probably already be implemented.

It has been discussed :slight_smile:

Naa, it is actually not implemented. In that screen we had only built 2 separate bathrooms but there is no current functionality separating the genders. We will add it to the current todo list.


Ahh, ok. It just looked like you already implemented it because one bathroom seems to be for females, one for males. Thanks for the info!

I think it was implemented for a while but it became scrapped due to UI redesign. It’s super easy to add again so as @Fredrik said we will make sure to include it before release.


it would be interesting to see ladies queuing for toilet


Would be interesting if there were different toilet behaviours, but it’s probably a bit too minute a detail to care about. Having to design toilets around the length of time it takes to do your business would be an interesting element, alongside a load of other slight differences in design because of user behaviour.

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I would love to keep all of them waiting.:money_mouth_face: Money first!!!

I am glad I enlight a situation :slight_smile:

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