Separate Origin and Destination

It’s sometimes very confusing when hovering over a plane or the scheduler. First it always shows the origin of the flight and my airport as destination and as soon as de-boarding is completed, it switches to the new destination and shows my airport as origin.

Couldn’t we have displayed both at the same time?
For example as:

  • Coming from:
  • Going to:

I am sometimes also not sure what the baggage claim shows up. I thought sometimes I see the new destination of the plane at the baggage claim. But there it should always show up the origin. No arriving pax cares about where the plane goes next. They want to find their correct claim belt.

I think the whole flight modelling is very idealised and way off from reality.
I only once saw a flight that had the same flight number incoming and outgoing (Avianva in 2003? in Bogota, from Caracas and to Quito, if I remember correctly).
I don’t believe every plane has exactly the same turnaround time no matter what airline, type etc, only depending on the stand(!)

The airport should work by plane instead by flight, the turnaround time should depend on how fast the jobs are done and the schedule should be done by the airline IMHO, and we (CEOs) should sell them slots and guarantee a turnaround time in the contracts, based on the services required.

Agreed - at most airports airlines organise their flights based on runway slots which dictates their turnaround times (particularly at busy or slot restricted airports). Gate and stand allocations are then done on a much more fluid basis (usually on a day by day basis). Seems to the opposite in the game where gate allocations dictate runway usage.

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