Flight planner shows where flight is coming from

Proposition 1. In the flight planner pls put where the flight is going instead of where it’s coming from. I think this has been said a few times before :stuck_out_tongue:

I literally have never heard such a suggestion or request or bug report. Can you explain more?

Go to any flight in the flight planner, and it will tell you where the flight is coming from.
Now go the same flights check-in desk and you can see where the flight is actually going.
Atm i have an Emirates A380. It’s coming from LAX-CPH Then CPH-DXB That is pretty cool. But you have to check both the flight planner and check-in or Boarding desk to find out.
Let me know if you want pics.

It will change once all arriving passengers have left the plane. Then it will show the destination.
Actually I like that, I want to know where flights are coming from (although it’s not very relevant for gameplay).
Maybe it would be an option to show both, where it came from and where it’s going to.

We’re getting to that point where must admit that what we handle in the flight planner are actually not flights, but the pause between flights.
My world starts crumbling down…


I did mentioned that a few weeks ago. :smiley:

Exactly, but i mean only the flight planner. It would in my world be optimal to see both destination and origin, but if i have to choose, i choose destination.

I schedule the arrival time based on the where the flight is coming from. Since I don’t have any knowledge and thus no control of where it is going when it leaves my airport, that part doesn’t matter as much to me. I have noticed many of the international flights seem to do a turn and end up going back to where they came from.

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