Semi-Daily Topic: In-Flight Manouvers

Hello there! Today’s FIRST topic is In-Flight Manouvers.

What do I mean by In-Flight Manouvers? Well, I mean what happens in-flight. E.g. Takeoff, Taxi, Approach, Final etc. I might just stop blabbing and get onto the questions!

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So here are the questions that you might want to answer.

               * What is your favourite Departure Manouver and why?

               * What is your favourite Arrival Manouver and why?

               * What is your least favourite Manouver and why?

               * Do you prefer manouvers different on Different types of aircraft?                   

               * Would you ever change anything about any manouver?

This is the end of today’s First topic!

Later today: Airlines!

Guys, please don’t correct me if I’ve made any spelling errors.

My favourite Departure manouver is Taxi because you go so slowly!

My favourite arrival manouver is probably going on Final, Final is basically the last step to landing incase you didn’t know. I like it because it is great! You aren’t bouncing around but you are going slowly.

My least favourite Manouver will probably be the Boeing 747 Takeoff! You are forced into the back into your seat, and it is so fast, it doesn’t feel normal. Overall, the Takeoff is quite bad!

I do prefer Manouvers on different types of aircraft!

I would probably change it so takeoff isn’t as Forceful.