Security Staff Not Visible in Stands in 1st Floor

While on their shifts on the first floor, security personnel don’t appear to be manning the checkpoints. Instead they can be seen on the ground floor.

Attaching screenshots for reference.

Is this only happening when you stack them, or always?

This occurs randomly. Sometimes there are staff who man the points. Sometimes there are only two of them. Only one of the four checkpoints on the first floor is directly above the one on the ground floor.

Did you bug report it already? nice find :stuck_out_tongue:

Also wondering; do they process staff/PAX while being standing on the wrong floor?

I haven’t reported it.

Yes. They do :laughing:

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Try bugreporting it :D, if you are ok with it, I will close the topic after you post the bug report it, then DEVs can reopen if need be.

I have reported it. :smiley: