Luggage Moving By Itself

The link above redirects to a bug in the game. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. Now, from what I’ve seen, passengers move on one floor and their luggage moves on the floor above or below. (ALL BY ITSELF!!! :laughing: )

In another incident, :smiley:

Good catch! Have not seen that yet, did you bug report it with the in-game bug reporter?

Not yet. I did report a bug mentioned at the top. I think this might be related to that. I would love a second opinion on this.

P.S: This bug was kind of a one-off incident. I haven’t seen it occur again though.

EDIT-1: Also, it is very hard to check if it is happening again because there is a good percentage of passengers who are stacked on top of one another (multiple passengers in once cell). That’s another headache.


Well it sounds like a bug, but difficult to catch if you did not see it happen again. Could have been a glitch at that moment.

It is not a one-time glitch. It caught it happening again. This time I could more number of mysteriously levitating baggage.

Reporting Bug now.

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Bug Reported
ACEO - 14815

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Could it be this only happens to people without baggage handling?

I doubt that. Please refer Screenshot (76) and Screenshot (75). The label says “Carry On Luggage”

Though it is Carry On Luggage, the label also mentions its status as “GOING → BAGGAGE BAY”
Yes, I do not have a functional baggage bay, but still, is this supposed to happen?

Looks like there still may be a few rare cases of z-index offset issues @Fredrik?

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