Security control post

Hi all,

I am trying to have two separate terminals, however I think the issue is that the security control post automatically works for all check in desks so the passenger go to the wrong check in area and the check get stuck so delay the flights

Can we manually select the check in desk and which security control post passengers Link to please @Olof and @Fredrik?

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I think at the moment it doesn’t work, but in the future it should be work. I tryed also to get 2 different terminals! :smiley:

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I tried to do this too, but I couldnt. Kinda sucks because I wanted to make a terminal for intenational flights and another for nacional flights.

Currently you can create 2 completely separate terminals by baggage system. Each terminal will have a baggage bay(s) and every check in desk and stand can be connected terminal-related baggage bays.

@Kalmorph currently ACEO doesn’t support domestic/international flight diversion. Every airline, airplane come and go to both domestic and international routes.


Do you have any example layouts I can see ,

First, read this;

In the same thread, see this example with 3 separated terminals;

Thanks Jasper,

I have tried the below but it still send some passengers to terminal A even though the flights are all active in B.

I did as per @greg photo and seperated baggage reclaim, secure exits and seperate check in areas

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Here you can see 4 separated secure zones, that are working independently without a problem.

yeah i think i figured out my problem it was more a baggage allocation issue, let me fix it and i ill report back :slight_smile:

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Hi, I love your idea, but I would like to see a very clear screenshot of the security system that you applied to each terminal and the baggage system.

Obviously, just to inspire me.

Thank you very much!

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Note to self; try to find this gane later on.

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@jasperwillem Hence my suggestion to the devs they include a screen snap thats shows when you are trying to find a particular save. @Fredrik

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Hey, I do not see this in my Steam game… ¡help!

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What is the problem?

I selected it in steam workshop, but it does not appear in the game!

Its a while, since I have used it, should you not download it to your local PC first?

How do I download it to use it locally?

And see…:

Since it is my own upload, I have no idea, can you upload one of your games, so I can see how I can download one.

Is it not in the SAVED games folder?