Security Connection

Hey guys it’s me :slight_smile:
My small stand Is Not connected to a Security Station, so i cant Transfer passengers.
I assigned the Boarding Desk and the Security Station Is Operated. Can you help me?

Take a screenshot and post it up might help if we can see if that’s ok

I Hope you Can See sth :slight_smile:

Have you zoned all the top area to the gates or just the security stands. If so the whole area has to be zoned as a secure area.

Thanks!! I forgot to Build a sidewalk :wink:

It’s cool we are all learning still :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, one Last question, why cant They leave the Security Zone?

Unsure on that but maybe build a wall between the two areas that might work.

Thank you murley, but Know i have a bigger Problem. The saved game List Is empty :((
2 Hours of my life … :frowning: :).

Has anybody a Solution?

i have the same issue about saving speak to the devs about this @Olof and @Fredrik might have some news on this.

We have a really hard time figuring this issue out. We’ve seen it on a few places, enough for us to see it as a concern, but have a hard time determining its root origin. Are you playing as administrators?

I am but ive not done what ive said to you guys as im not at home till later so if that works i will say but i will also try it on the other pc to see as well.

Yes i Play as Admin < no idea what I am missing atm.

Could be a few things.

  1. Is the grey area between the terminal and stand tarmac or sidewalk?
  2. If your security checkpoints aren’t autoconnecting it generally means that somewhere isn’t zoned properly. Can you toggle zoned and repost the screenshot? < made it sidewalk now and toggled zoning

Found how it worked, but burned a lot of money < this setup works, a desk > door > plane.

now still rebuiding my new airport with all stuff learned in first attempt :wink:

You could also try something like this. :wink:

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that is what I did with medium stands that I added to the terminal at a later stage :D… now planning for that fase. the only thing I did not understand was baggage systems, lets learn that this time. Smart to not put the cargo thing in a terminal.

Hey, can you help me? I really dont know what im doing wrong :confused: