Secure Zone in Baggage Claim

I haven’t seen any posts on this so therefore I would like to address this as it is something that annoys me a lot already since ages ago in Simairport. I would really like it for the Baggage claim to have to be a secure zone. I would like this as in every airport that I have been (Schiphol, Heathrow, Birmingham, Gatwick, Eindhoven, Madrid Barajas and a lot more) it is not possible for anyone to walk into the baggage claim without of been in the secure zone from exiting the airplane. Furthermore, this is in real life as you don’t want people just walking into the baggage claim from outside and stealing your belongings.

If however, you were not to make it secure zone, at least add a one-way door (like the secure-zone exit already in-game) for me to put in the exit of my baggage claim as like in schiphol you have a one-way door before entering the baggage claim and one to leave the baggage claim.

Edit: It would also prevent PAX who just arrived at the airport from using the dedicated seats within the baggage claim.


Hey there, I believe this issue has been brought up before but I’m too lazy to find the reply so I’m just going to write it again. The game is prepared to handle two different types of baggage claim areas, domestic and international. This was implemented from the start but when the game launched the tutorial sucked way more than it does now so we decided to remove this feature and only keep one type of baggage claim area to keep the complexity down.

Basically, the game currently sees all flights as domestic and domestic flights will have baggage claim outside of customs and therefor outside of security, this is equivalent to how many airports work in our nearest region (the Nordics and Europe in general) which is what the game is naturally primarily modeled after. Once the larger systems are a bit more refined and tuned, i.e. when we have time to look at this kind of stuff after the UI sprint, we’ll be looking to re-implement international flights and thus baggage claim areas in secure zones.


Olof what about oneway doors? I am sure they would be very useful in many areas even in food and shops :wink:


Doesn’t all airports you collect luggage after security ?

Normally you have to pass customs first before you get to your luggage, not security as that is only when you leave the airport. Customs is not part of the game now, as it is, as Olof replied, only domestic orientated. But bagage claim is normally indeed always within the ‘security’ zone, or at least in a place only accessible for PAX coming from planes.

Edit: deleted original (stupid) reply, as you just cannot built bagage claim in secure areas… :no_mouth:

I think a oneway door would not really help, as PAX go outside bagage claim to shop and eat and then come back to claim their bagage…

On a side note, years ago (8 years or so) I’ve been to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International airport a couple of times and even on the busiest airport in the world the baggage claim (at that time) was after the security zone just within arrivals where all people were waiting to pickup people. Really the most stupid way I’ve ever claimt my bagage (and I’ve seen a lot of airports…), even the security people standing around the bagage belts thought it was stupid. AFAIK they have built a new terminal and separated International from domestic and should be all secure now.


Found the topic for you @Olof :wink:

So here I am, quoting myself, quoting myself :stuck_out_tongue: But you can read the full topic there.

Though I will reiterate (while I don’t really understand how Schengen area flights work), baggage only sits in a secure area when you need to clear customs because you’ve arrived at this airport as a first point of entry. However, most domestic airports have baggage claim in publically accessible areas. So I support the devs decision to recognise both :slight_smile:


Not entirely correct.

You go through passport control (checking if you as a person is allowed into the country of destination) before you reach the baggage area. After collecting your stuff you will go through customs (checking if you comply with the tax rules of importing goods and stuff).

I also know smaller airports in the USA have non secure luggage areas. I remember Bastia Airport on Corsica had this as well.


With International Zones being implemented now, are there plans to allow baggage reclaim in secure zones and will there be an international bagage reclaim (currently there is only a domestic baggage reclaim zone which is a bit confusing)

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Domestic baggage reclaim can be placed in the secure zone too. The title is due to changed soon I believe.

The thread is over 2 years old :smiley:

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I was under the impression that it would be possible now as well, but when I tried it in 35.0.8 i got an error.
I just had steam verify my game files and I tried again and now it is indeed working! :confused:

Can you not do this right now?

You can place baggage belt in security zone even with a34

It is possible in a secure area. Not in an international area.
So you have to go through passport control first. The security exit can now be after the claim area.

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